We don’t have to be all Muslims or all christians, APC reacts to non-compliance of members

We don’t have to be all Muslims or all christians. Senator Adamu and some other APC members react to the debate of the Muslim-muslim presidential ticket. The senator is of the opinion that picking a christian as a running mate would affect the elections in 2023.

We don't have to be all Muslims or all christians

Since the presidential candidate of APC made his announcement on the running mate for the 2023 elections, there has been a debate and unfortunately, most members of the party are not in support of the development.

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As a matter of fact, some members have dumped the party making room for others to leave.

Following this result, some members of the party are of the opinion that it doesn’t matter who the running mate is especially since we are only looking for good leadership.

Senator Adamu said, “The fact of the matter is we appreciate that the Christians are interesting, no doubt about it. We are as practical as we can in this situation and we do hope that people would see reasons.

“Nobody is willing to promote Christianity or a Muslim ticket necessarily but we have to face the reality of our politics in this country and that is exactly what we are doing.

Christians have nothing to fear. Shettima is another Nigerian like me and you.

“We don’t have to be all Muslims or all Christians. It is the will of God that this time around he (Shettima) is going to be the vice president of this great country if we win the election. And we do hope and pray and we are working to win the election.”

Also, the Katsina State Governor Aminu Bello Masari, also spoke with reporters in a separate interview, according to him, the debate over APC’s Muslim-Muslim ticket is unnecessary, he also insisted that what is most important is good leadership.

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“It’s better to have a good Christian than a bad Muslim and vice versa and we should also understand the antecedents of anybody involved in a particular decision.

“If you go to Borno State and ask the Christian community there, they will give you an impressive account of Shettima when he was the governor.

“We should not forget that the wife of the APC presidential candidate is Christian and a pastor. So, she will be the unofficial vice president and representative of the Christians at the presidency,” he said.

The Ondo state governor also asked that we ignore Religion, Vote Competence, Akeredolu.

Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, the current governor of Ondo state yesterday called on Nigerians to vote for competence in the 2023 Presidential election, adding that the faith of the vice president does not affect performance in any government.


What is your opinion? Should we turn a blind eye and focus on good leadership? Let us know in the comment section below.

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