Madagascar’s Covid-19 Organic- What you need to know about the Drink!!!!!!

Earlier this week, the Federal Government of Nigeria through the presidential taskforce, joined other African countries such as Tanzania, Senegal, Chad, Comoros, Guinea Bissau to order for the Madagascar corona virus cure known as Covid-Organic herbal medicine.

However the president has made it clear that the product upon arrival will have to go through thorough testing by the regulating bodies before it can be used to treat any case or cases of corona virus.

The president of Madagascar since the invention of the cure has been promoting it all round Africa, even though the World Health Organization (WHO), has kicked against the cure stating that it has not passed through any scientific test, but the president haven’t seen the full potential of the product, has promised to ensure the covid organic herbal cure circulate the whole of Africa.

Launched as Covid-Organics, the drink was produced from Artemisia plant and other Malagasy plants.  The president’s chief of staff in an interview granted to BBC, said that the herbal cure is currently been marketed in bottles and as herbal tea, after they tested it on less than twenty people over a period of three weeks. President Rajoelina also said that the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA), have tested the cure on two persons and they both recovered, he also added that the herbal tea gives result within seven days and that they are currently working with foreign researchers to create an injection dose of the drink.

According to John Hopkins University report as at the 6th day of May 2020,  the country so far has recorded about 158 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and so far 99 persons have recovered with no fatality.

Artemisia the dominating plant used in the production of the cure is also known as Wormwood a popular plant used as both food and drugs. It is mainly used for Malaria treatment in Africa.  The plant is known as Tazargade in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The world health organization has distanced itself from the cure stating that it has not been tested, according to WHO, African deserves to use a vaccine that is tested and certified safe. However the president of Madagascar disagrees with the views of the World health organization over this matter. He said that WHO is not supporting or backing the cure because it is coming from Africa, he said that if the remedy was to be discovered by European countries or any other part of the world except Africa, that it would have been accepted.

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