Thirty-five newly born babies stranded!!!

Thirty-five newly born surrogate babies have been found stranded in a hotel in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government found a large number of surrogate babies stranded in a hotel room.

The babies which were about thirty-five in number were stranded due to the lockdown situation in many countries, which has stopped there biological parents from reuniting with their babies.

Surrogacy is legal even though very expensive in Ukraine, a single surrogate baby goes for about forty thousand euros, i guess you can say this is a baby making methods for the rich.

Amongst the babiez stranded are German babies, British babies, american babies, French babies etc. Although baby few parents have differed the lock down rules to reunite with their babies, while the others are still in the hotel room, been taken care of by a nanny. We hope this lockdown relaxes so parents can be reunited with there babies.

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