Nigerians not cleared to enter Europe by the European Union beginning from the July 1, 2020.

The European Union after so many days of debates, disagreements and discussion, members of the European Union has approved fifteen countries that they consider unsafe for its citizens or residents to travel to Europe, due to the Corona Virus pandemic ravaging the World.

The leadership of the European Union said that there decisions was based on the number new Covid -19 cases, of the last fourteen days and the over trend so far and the government of the countries are handling the matter.

The concluded by saying that the final decision lies with the government of the individual countries, as they have the right to decide who enters their country.

With effect from the 1st of July 2020, the following countries citizens or residents cannot enter the EU. They include; Canada, Australia, Tunisia, China, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, New Zealand, Siberia, Morocco, Uruguay, Rwanda, Thailand, Algeria, South Korea.

Other countires that did not make the list are; United states, Russia and Brazil etc.

EU borders were closed earlier this year do the Corona Virus pandemic and last week they were considering opening  their border s to residence from fifty-four (54) countries, later reduced it to only fifteen countries,  four African countries were part of the fifteen cleared.

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