The man who was accused of Raping over forty women in Kano State, Pleads Guilty.

Mohammed Zulfara a 32 years old male, who was arrested by the Kano state Police, last month after been accused of raping over forty women within a year in kwanar dangora town, admits in court that he truly committed the crime, however he is remorseful and apologetic.

The hearing of the case started around 1:30pm in Magistrate Court 18, in Kano State. The judge, Justice Mohammed Hassan, has ordered that the accused, who is referred to “Mai Siket” (Meaning- A man that wears skirt) by women, be remanded in prison.

After the court Registrar read the charge sheet to Mr Mohammed Zulfarau, describing his victims he was asked on how to plead. According to the Registrar Mr Mohammed Zulfarau, you are accused of raping a 75 years old woman and two other women in Kwanar Dangora town, on so and so date, how do you plead? The judge asked if he needed further explanations or he understood what the Registrar just read, and he replied that he understood everything, and then admitted to committing the crimes but then pleads for forgiveness.

The husband of one of the women the accused attempted to rape told BBC after the court session that he will not rest until justice is served, because of his wives and so many other women in the community.

Mr Mhammed Zulfarau while speaking to journalist after the court session, said he is begging the women for forgiveness, that he won’t do it again if he regains his freedom “I am pleading for the women to forgive me, I won’t do this again if am released.

The case was adjourned to the July 20, 2020.

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