“Search inward for Covid-19 cure – Rt. Hon. Shamsuddeen Suleiman

Governments In Africa Should Start Looking Inward in the Search For COVID-19 CURE

I don’t think it is prudent for African countries to continue to ignore the boundless potentials of the region in terms of natural medicine. The world is grappling with the affliction of COVID-19 and Africa has decided to stay idly by waiting for the west to come up with a cure without putting in a real effort towards creating a cure in Africa. This is purely a display of inferiorty complex. I commend the people and government of Madagascar for summoning the courage to face the world with a possible cure for the virus the same way I applaud the various African governments who have received the Madagascar medication and agreed to subject it to tests. This is what we should do. Encourage fellow African countries to do incredible things. Medical breakthroughs may not always come from the west, it can come from anywhere including Africa. It does not make sense for anyone to think that Africa cannot do anything about this since the much advanced countries in the world have not been able to do anything too. Interestingly, we have a number of institutions across Africa who have started incredible work on finding a cure for this virus but governments are not helping them. To this end, I implore all African governments to commit a healthy amount of money to research for a vaccine for coronavirus from herbs and also ensure that such monies are judiciously used for the purpose it was voted for.

One thought on ““Search inward for Covid-19 cure – Rt. Hon. Shamsuddeen Suleiman

  • May 19, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    Well posited Mr Dept speaker.

    We have all it takes if we look inwards


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