Is Tik ToK taking Over Facebook???

Tik tok is a new application taking social media by storm. There couldn’t have been a better time for such an application, than this period when everyone is at home with lots of time to spend on social media.

Tik tok is a social media platform used for creating, sharing and discovering short musical videos. It serves as a digital age karaoke, voice overs. The application have been used for several challenges that we have come to love or even participated on.

What are your favorite tik tok challenges so far; here are some of our favorite challenges includes; something new, flip the switch, bop daddy, don’t rush, savage, voice overs.  For videos download tiktok on your devices


Bop Daddy              #BopDaddyChallenge


Something new     #SomethingNewChallenge


flip the switch        #fliptheswitchChallenge


Voice over               #VoiceOverChallenge voice over by Lilian Esoro




Know You              #KnowYouChallenge


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