I support Prisoners for suing the federal government… Awuzie

Imo state businessman Sir Franklin Awuzie, has openly declared his  support to sue the Federal Government of Nigeria, by the escaped prisoners from the Imo state correction center, Owerri.

it has been brought to our notice that the prisoners that ran away after the jail break of 5th April 2021, has expressed their feelings on how disappointed they are to the federal government not protecting them, that they ran for their dear life and will sue federal government for not providing security for them, today an imo state business man Sir Awuzie Franklin has expressed same support to the correctional service inmates.

If the Government and her security agencies cannot protect and defend the prisoners when the unknown Gunmen invaded the premises and attacked the prison, then its an Error for the released prisoners to return back to the same prison .

They are correct to sue the Federal Government for their inability to secure them in the first place.


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