Chrisland school girl viral video, sex tape scandal

The Chrisland school girl viral has been causing a chaos on the socials. Mother of 10 year old Julie Anke has made a video expressing anger, and dissatisfaction over the video that was leaked days ago. Also, how the school handled the situation. She claims her child was under an influence and was raped. But what do you think? Leave a comment below.


Chrisland school girl viral video, sex tape scandal
Chrisland school girl viral video

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Chrisland schools is the largest privately owned educational institution in Nigeria. It was founded in 1977 by the chairman, High chief Dr (Mrs) Winifred Awosika. With the vision to be at the forefront of private education in Nigeria.

Following the issue of the issue of the chrisland school girl viral video that was leake, it has been gathered that her name is Julie Anke.

The 10 year old has an access to android phones and has a likee account where she posts erotic videos. She goes by the name Bhadgurl4k and has over 24.7k likes on this account.

It was also gathered that she makes these videos in the comfort of her home. Does it mean that the parents aren’t aware?or they just choose to ignore?

Chrisland school girl viral video
10 year old Julie Anke

The mother of julie came out recently to seek for an audience so as to help her child. She claims that her child was gang raped, and she was a virgin. Although the video says otherwise, people find it hard to believe anything said about julie because of the things she’s capable of doing.

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Chrisland school girl viral video: who is to be blamed?

The school, peer group, or the parents?

According to Ubi franklin a friend of the family, julie was selected to represent chrisland schools in a competition at Dubai. He also claimed that the child’s bereaved parents heard of the incident a month after it occurred from another parent at the school. This means that the school didn’t inform the family till it was leaked for reasons best known to them.

Chrisland school girl viral video
Who is to be blamed? The school, peer group influence, or the parents

The video shows that there were other kids in the room, and they had played a truth or Dare game which escalated to something else.  She could have been under some influence like the mum predicted.

Lastly the parents of julie, she was exposed to an android phone at an early age, thereby widening her horizon and worse giving her access to whatever she wants

Some people are saying “person wey go spoil, go spoil” but i think placing some restrictions and communicating about these things helps the kids, but this isn’t about me, so what do you think?who is to be blamed for this scandalous act?

Leave us a comment to express your opinion. Like and share this for other people’s opinion too, have a lovely day.

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