SONGS They tell me this they tell me that Omahlay video/mp3 download

They tell me this they tell me that Omahlay video/mp3 download


What Omahlay’s song did you listen today? ‘They tell me this they tell me that’ In coming new mega hit by the Afro fusion prince Omahlay.

A snippet of the singer vibing to this electrifying new sound has currently been making waves on social media platforms. The reactions from fans on and offline could tell this new tune will be the next viral sound on the net.

They tell me this they tell me that

Omah Didia Stanley (Omahlay)

Omahlay with his darkly vocals, evocative storytelling, and contagious rhythms, is quickly becoming one of the Nigerian most talked about musical innovators. The 24 year old singer and producer could be said to be known for unraveling tales that range from instrospective to romantic to gratifying explicit.

His use of vulgarity often times amazes his fans and has continuously left them glued, while anticipating what’s next.

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Considering his fast growth in the industry and the global acceptance he had received since his emergence, Omahlay had a round table conference with his team where he expressed immense gratitude for their support on the success of his world tour thus far.


Omahlay in Australia

He said;
Honestly 2 years ago i wasn’t sure i was going to be in Australia touring
Iwasn’t sure i was i was going to fly 3 hours to come to a land where you can hardly find black people and sell out a 2000 capacity.
The reason why i asked everyonr to film is to tell you that i will come back to Australia and do a big venue and im going to sell it out.

The Afro-beat super star is reportedly on a world tour, yet never disappointed with bringing amazement and good rhythm to his listeners as he has also been cooking up banging new songs. While on the tour, Omah has constantly brought so much joy and happiness to the faces of thousands of the purple gang (fan) all over the world.

Omaylay new track Description

  • Release date:  unreleased
  • Format: Audio, Video
  • Genre: Afropop
  • Producers:
  • Length: 

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Though he had hinted about his upcoming album sometime in September 2021, he deemed it fit to reassure his anticipating fans as the release date draws near.

Omahlay They tell me this they tell me that LYRICS:

Say my bitch, say she a’ bad
Anytime I knack, I knack without
Rubber band, no rubber band
Anytime I put am, e sure me die
If I no pull out, she gat my back…


Omahlay They tell me this they tell me that MP3 DOWNLOAD


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