US Space Plane on a Secret Mission

Photo of the space launch
Photo of the space launch

The US Air Force has just recently, launched its Atlas V rocket that was carrying a X-37B space plane for a secretive mission.
It was launched from Cape Canaveral; apparently, it was to be launched a day earlier but was not because of a bad weather.
The aircraft, known as the Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), will deploy a satellite into orbit and test power-beaming technology as well.
The launch was dedicated to front line workers and those affected by Covid-19.

A message was inscribed on the rocket which included the words, “America Strong”.
The X-37B programme is classified therefore details about its mission and capabilities in the past are limited. The Secretary of the US Air Force, Barbara Barrett said “This X-37B mission will host more experiments than any other prior missions”.

The X-37B programme has been in existence since 1999l.
The length of this mission is currently unclear at the moment.

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