Rejoicing over the downfall of Hushpuppi will not put money in your pocket. ~ Nigerian Singer Emma Nyra

Nigerian singer and songwriter Emma Chukwugozian Obi popularly known by her stage name as Emma Nyra has lashed the critics of the embattled Husshpupi over his arrest by the FBI.

Emma Nyra.

You will recall that Raymond Abass AKA Hushpuppi was arrested for a cyber crime theft. The US Department of Justice has however revealed that the 37-year old will be transferred to the Los Angeles to finally face the Criminal charges against him in the coming weeks.

Nyra took to her Twitter handle to condemn the very act of continuous critics.

“A lot of people are happy about  what happened to Hushpuppi because he wad oppressing them on social media.

The truth is that rejoicing in his downfall is not gonna put money in your pocket. I’m tired of reading about someone else’d downfall. Let me Jeje hustle my own.

This is her tweet


Some of her fans has ended up attacking her over the said comment, some went as far as calling on the security agencies to arrest and investigate her.

Here are some of the reactions from her fans;

@yinkanubi said;

“1.9m people were defrauded of their hard earned money by Hushpuppi and his crew so that he can oppress people on social media and get the benefit of people like you & DaddyFRZ celebrating him. That is 1.9m families suffering from the actions of a thief you are codedly defending”



@oluseun said;

This is such a daft tweet. Smh.

@cerebrone said;

“This is a really disappointing take from you. Delete & do better. The man defrauded 1.9 million of their money. When justice is served to such people, it’s deserved. He should be disgraced. The consequences of the actions of fraudsters like him transcend his victims. Abeg.

@labode said;

“First question
How on earth did you get verified?
Who the hell are you?

Don’t you think about the 180k people following you before tweeting?

Why have you not deleted this?

Are you not embarrassed by this tweet?

@SaniOzil said;

Dear @FBI, @DubaiPoliceHQ, @INTERPOL_HQ

Please start your investigations on @EmmaNyra, there are signs that she might be an accomplice to Hushpuppi or even a direct beneficiary to his numerous fraudulent activities”

The singer is yet to respond to any of the attacks from her tweet.

We hope to bring you more on this as the stories unfolds


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