Meet the Senator behind the adult store slap!!!!!!!!

In Nigeria, the people in power always has a way of mistreating those they are sent to represent.

Senator Elisha Abbo

I really think our electoral bodies needs to do a thorough brain evaluation of those they are sending to represent us.

Videos making rounds on social media shows how a serving Nigerian senatator, Sen. Elisha Abbo of Adamawa North Senatorial District who is unarguably the youngest senator in the 9th Assembly, assulted a harmless woman in an adult shop he patronized in Abuja. Video of the senator assaulting this woman was captured on the toy shop’s CCTv and  is available on their youtube link attached below for police to act. According to a Facebook user Ndume Green. Who also plans to join women should they plan to protest against the inhumane treatment on this harmless woman.

So many A list Nigerian celebrities such as Don jazzy, Banks W. etc., has taken to their Instagram pages to condemn this act and are willing to follow this matter up until justice is served even if it means marching down to the Legislative House to ensure that the law makers are reminded that they are not above the law, check their IG pages for their views and response

Be sure to get more stories on this as it unfolds, as arctic reporters have their ears and eyes wide open..

See the shop’s direct Facebook page and youtube link below



Images are munched from Ndume Green and Marshall Israel on facebook

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