Presidency set to create 300,000 Jobs and set Nigerians on a pathway to full Electrification

Muhammadu Buhari (President, Fed. Rep. of Nigeria)

The Federal government set to eradicate the problem of electricity in Nigeria, and also creates 300,000 local jobs while addressing the problems facing the power the  sector.

This was contained in the president’s speech/address, which was delivered by vice president Yemi Osibanjo at the first year ministerial review reteat at the state house conference center Abuja.

The presidency promised to provide solar power system to at-least five million homes. this plans according to the president will benefit over twenty-five million Nigerians, and will train and create close to three hundred thousand local jobs for Nigerians, as this promises to support local manufacturers.

According to the statement” In addressing the power problems we must not forget that most Nigerians are not even connected to electricity at all. So as part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, we are providing Solar home systems to 5 million Nigerian households in the next 12 months. We have already begun the process of providing financing support through the CBN for manufacturers and retailers of Off Grid Solar Home Systems and Mini-Grids who are to provide the systems . The Five million systems under the ESP’s Solar Power Strategy will produce 250,000 jobs and impact up to 25 million beneficiaries through the installation This means that more Nigerians will have access to electricity via a reliable and sustainable solar system.

The support to Solar Home System manufacturers and the bulk procurement of local meters will create over 300,000 local jobs while ensuring that we set Nigeria on a path to full electrification. The tariff review is not about the increase, which will only affect the top electricity consumers, but establishing a system which will definitely lead to improved service for all at a fair and reasonable price.

This project is aimed at setting Nigeria to the path of Full electrification the statement added.

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