Owo Massacre: culprits of the church massacre

The Owo Massacre hit the people of ondo state unexpectedly. Unfortunately this event took the lives of many thereby igniting fear on the citizens, Luck is on our side because the culprits have been apprehended.


Owo massacre
Owo massacre

Recall that Nigerians woke up to a sad event that took the lives of over 25 people. Following the gruesome attack that caused chaos in Ondo state, it has been stated earlier today that the culprits have been apprehended. Good news right?

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It was alleged that the culprits gave themselves in after an IYA, a female traditionalist in the community together with some other women made incantations.

Owo massacre
Iya’s incantations

After a briefing at the state house correspondent, Aregbesola has channeled the suspects to the ISWAP (Islamic state of west Africa province)

“Council is quite concerned about the violent attack in Ondo state and we have been able to locate the perpetrators. We have zeroed it that ISWAP did it, the animals in iswap wanted attention and are responsible. We have asked security personnel to go after them and bring them to justice”

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What is really going on?

Do you think this is God fighting for the people?

Ogun vindicating his people as the iya made incantations?

Or another ploy to divert our attention from the 2023 election, so as to ignite fear in our hearts?

At the moment, youths of Owo are protesting that they  bring the Fulani Gunmen from Akure so they can have a closer look at them and maybe get the truth we all deserve.

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