Imo State Business man hails Gov. Hope for road reconstruction & Renaming, please for the reconstruction of more roads

Franklin Awuzie


Nigeria business Man Awuzie Franklin has  pleaded with Gov Hope Uzodima, the executive governor of Imo State to begin the construction of the road leading to his community allegedly named after the Former Governor of Imo State.

This request was made after the Governor has reconstructed and renamed a road built and named by his predecessor Sen. Rochas Okorocha. This request was posted on his social media handle, see his post below 👇

“Re-Naming of Roads in IMO after Re-construction shouldnt give a sincere Imolite a single headache. Let them keep reconstructing the bad roads and be renaming them . What matters is the quality of good roads not the name . I heard that Governor Hope Uzodimma is trying on roads . Let him keep it up . Re-naming them is not our business . He can construct 1 million roads in IMO and name them after his children and his descendants #Odiegwu”

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