How Wakili Rigged Election For PDP – Ganduje

Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje has accused the Commissioner of Police in the state of playing favoritism during the just concluded gubernatorial elections which saw Ganduje himself re-elected.

The governor whose integrity is currently challenged following release of his alleged corruption video said that the commissioner of police in Kano, Muhammad Wakili, was biased during the election by providing protection for members of the People’s Democratic Party while they allegedly rigged during the election and also for arresting the his deputy who ordinarily should have immunity.

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The governor made this known during a session with Daily Trust, stating that his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), may challenge the arrest of his deputy since his arrest was unconstitutional.

In his words:

“He was giving them protection. He had no right to arrest a deputy governor. In fact, we could have taken him to the court for doing that because he went against the constitution, particularly because the deputy governor has immunity.

“Our supporters were sighted in that particular collation centre, so the deputy governor went to tell them that they should leave the place, not knowing that the commissioner of police had already dispersed them. And he allowed the opponents to come in.

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“So, when the deputy governor went in, instead of him to see our supporters he fell in the hands of the opposition. So he was biased. A member of the House of Reps was also arrested. Two elected local government chairmen were arrested and taken to the police station. And we did not hear that any important person from the PDP was arrested. Is it not a bias?

Ganduje also blamed the killings which marred the gubernatorial election on the deafness of the Police commissioner to warnings he gave aforetime for Wakili to stop Kwankwaso from going to Bebeji because of his utterances.

During the main election he did not behave that way. I told him not to allow Kwankwaso go to Bebeji because of his utterances, but he said he had already given him permission. I said he could revoke it because there would be security challenges, but he refused.

“He allowed him to go and many people were killed during the presidential election and no arrest was made. Up till now, he hasn’t even found out who killed the people.”

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