LOCAL NEWS,SPONSORED First Online International Trade Fair, Launched by Spangler!!!

First Online International Trade Fair, Launched by Spangler!!!

SPANGLER Launches 1st Online International Trade fare, To Host Thousands of SME Owners by Adenike Fagbemi, Spangler Online Market is set to launch the first of its kind Online International Trade-fare with over 10,000 vendors online for 3-days running from OCTOBER 28th – 31st 2019 using its Facebook page.

The Online fare which promises to be an annual eBusiness Fair for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), is aimed at identifying, celebrating and creating a platform for businesses across the globe to showcase their goods and services in a coordinated manner online and also bridge the Investor/Business Owner barrier at their convenience. According to the brain behind the vision who also doubles as the CEO, Spangler Markets & Vents Square, Mrs Purity Abhulimhen, she described the idea behind Spangler as a Community of like minded vendors who are adequately vetted and confirmed legit before they can be allowed to showcase their products on the platform as well as on the Market App. ‘The vendors must have gone through online and offline test exercises which include presentation of their CAC Documents, house address, Office Address, Primary and Secondary phone numbers and a Referee’s number which would also be confirmed before approved as a Legit Spangler Vendor. This exercise could take days as well as weeks all in a bid to ensure we do not have Online Scammers in our midst,’ Purity noted.

Speaking further on the fair, she went further to explain that, it is also a way of celebrating Nigeria‚Äôs upcoming SMEs who have demonstrated laudable resilience by thriving in a challenging business environment and are ready to take over the world in their various area of professionalism. ‘It’s a celebration of Strength, uniqueness, consistency and Hard work! For me, this is a dream come through and my team and I are trying all we can to ensure it is successful considering the fact that it is the first of it’s kind,’ she added. ‘What prompted this idea was that I actually wanted to do a trade fare in Abuja and I had already started all the planning and all, and after every calculation, the funds that would be invested into logistic was so enormous and for me, the success might not be measurable. Also, I considered the fact that I would need massive publicity to get people to the place to buy leaving their convenience at least in just one location, then, it occurred to me that we can create a market that has people all over the world all converged online to make sales, promote their business, network and be real, ‘For instance, the Spangler Market App which is available on Play store, the first week it was published we had over 247 South-Africans download it, 77 Guinea Republic and some other countries like Canada, India, just to mention a few. It was trackable and well document. We could monitor the growth and improve on the App too, then I just thought about it why don’t I do something that will still get all of them involved rather than just do a fare in Lagos, another in Abuja, one in Warri and another in Port Harcourt. The cost would be so much and the positive effect might not be that measurable, hence this idea of an Online International Fair which will serve as a convergence of them all. ‘I believe that will come a time where we Spangler would have a physical trade fare but for now, the people of Nigeria don’t have much money to start spending on Stand and all and not get a measurable value. We all understand that the economy is not friendly enough to start spending, so, we have to work around what is available to make sales legitimately. ‘More so, I know a lot of persons who have participated in physical trade fare, they pay for stand for as low as #30,000, yet, the onus fall on them to do their own publicity, print fliers, logistics and everything, at the end of the day, they will not sell and can not measure immediate value, this can be quite depressing to a Small growing business. ‘Consdiering the fact that the world is a global village now, everything done revolve round the media space and SME Owners need to channel their energy to that place bringing comfort to people and spending less. The fair will be done on Facebook on the Spangler Market & Vet Sq page with a lot of persons going live at the same time in a group. So, for those that want to go live, they are going to set up a stand in their various location probably in their home for those who don’t have shop and for those who have shop, their shop is where they will stand and show people what they are selling, Over 90,000 buyers are presently on the Facebook group and I am certain we would get more before the D-Day, the buyers will just be scrolling and be checking the person’s live post to patronize them cos all the sellers have gone through scrutiny by my Team. which makes this more interesting,’ Mrs Purity added. SPANGLER MARKET AND VENT SQUARE was created with the sole aim of helping small scale businesses grow into large scale businesses.

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