Vector – The African Mind EP

Vector-The African Mind EP.

After the successful release of “CROSSROADS” Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, also known as Vector is coming out with something new and cuts across events around Africa, including the recent treatment women who are victims of harassment and sexual assault. Speaking from a place of critical and deep thinking, he took time to analyze what it takes to be an average African breed, regardless of age, and gender. We can say from the tracks that speaking his mind is what “The AFRICAN MIND EP” truly stands for.

In the track titled RAPE”, He expresses his concern as to how our society expects people who have been abused maltreated and violated to keep quiet, ”LIKE THE VICTIMS OF RAPE SHOULD ONLY SIT STILL” this also further emphasizes not only His mind about about rape, he is also talking about the African people and their silence about the problems of the society “SHOULD I FALL BY ANOTHER MAN’S FLAWS”?

Listen to my favorite off the EP  “Rape” and Click the link below to Download!!!!



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