Sustainable Maternity Clothing Brand, Emilia George CEO: “I wanted to make maternity wear cool”- Elle Wang

Hey Moms! look what we found for you… Being able to breathe and feel comfortable, is every pregnant womans dream amidst the fact that they have to carry a beautiful being all around for 9months; well, that’s a lot, coupled with cravings and all sorts.

Having to be uncomfortable and disappinted in maternity dress is what Elle Wang felt while she was pregnant with her son last year. This inspired the business woman to the first ever 100 percent sustainable maternity and nursing clothing brand called “Emilia George”.

Wang spoke to a lot of moms-to-be about maternity and their concerns of which they were on the same page. However, not so much on investing in a new wardrobe as pregnancy for every woman was only for a short period. Needless to say, Wang disagreed and went on ahead with her project.
“Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life, for many a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yet, women don’t want to be seen as beautiful when they should pamper themselves and invest in good, comfortable clothing that does not make them and their skin irritable. Let’s really celebrate pregnancy. That’s why people take beautiful photo shoots; they want to remember that period and not wear their husband’s old shirts,” she says.
How did the name, Emilia George come up?
Apparently, George is the name of her son while Emilia is a girl’s name she really likes.
Wang was not just looking to produce maternity dresses but, eco-friendly as well. Successfully today, the label is known to have three eco-friendly fabrics in its collections- bamboo, cupro and Tencel-Luxe. The Bamboo has a natural cooling and breathable effect while cupro is a cotton by-product, a popular alternative to silk because of its softness, and Tencel-Luxe is a fiber product of eucalyptus trees.

Wang told Simone Preuss from Fashion United during an interview on Friday that the women who buy her clothes want to wear them longer and buy less in general. Instead, they invest in lasting pieces. This shows her investment in Emilia George is paying off and allowing women, both pregnant and not.

Maternity wears are now very stylish and some have even termed it “Maxi” which is very popular today in the world of fashion for women.
“That is the beauty of my company, the mission to create beautiful clothes,” says Wang. “I came from a consumer perspective. I was a member of all the mom groups, I love bonding with other moms, it’s just the kind of message and positive vibes that I like to share. I had a different approach, I wanted to make maternity wear cool,” Wang told Preuss. She described herself as a “storm chaser type of personality”.
Elle Wang is a strong woman indeed. She has come this far and nothing is going to stop her from moving forward; not even Covid-19.
She hopes to offer better sustainable alternatives to the current expensive fabrics and high production costs in the future. All the moms out there including other women looking to be more stylish and professional at work or a business meeting and probably a casual event too, and so much more, Emilia George is here.
Here are some photos from her collections:

(By Miss Bimbo)

Photo credit: Fashion United

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