School Resumption, Domestic Flights and Interstate travels to begin in few days, as FG implements Lock down Phase II

Boss Mustapha

The Federal government of Nigeria, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, has approved the resumption of school for graduating classes, in Nigeria even as the extend the phase two of the lock down.

The chairman of the presidential task force on Covid-19 Boss Mustapha, said this in Abuja during the PTF daily briefing on Corona Virus. He said that classes like Primary six, JSS 3, and SS 3, are going to resume in order to prepare for their graduating external examinations. He also said the Federal Government has lifted the ban on interstate travels, with effect from July 1, 2020, although travelers must do so outside curfew hours. The Chairman also said that the government approved the extension of the ease of lock-down phase two by another four weeks. This is coming at a time when the number of Corona Virus cases has risen to over 24000 cases.

President Buhari been briefed

Points to Note from The PTF Breifing!!

  • President Buhari approves the phase two of the easing of the lock-down for more weeks.
  • National curfew from 10pm to 4am is still on.
  • Safe re-opening of schools to allow students from graduating classes to prepare for their external examinations.
  • Secondary and tertiary institutions remains closed except for JSS3 and SS3.
  • Daycare and primary schools are to remain closed till further notice except for primary 6.
  • All schools must try to do intensive revision exercise, for those seating for the above mentioned examination anf this schools must adapt to all the Covid-19 guidelines stated the NCDC and other health agencies in the world.
  • All schools must follow the six recommended steps as stated by the ministry of education.
  • Funerals and weddings are still limited to 20persons only.
  • Government offices working hours is from 9pm – 2pm.
  • Offices must maintain 75% capacity.
  • Artisans and hairdresser, who owns their own workshops can open.
  • Cinemas, night clubs and other social gathering spots including gyms are to remain closed.
  • The laws on face-mask and the curfew laws are still in place, without any changes.
  • Safe reopening of domestic aviation services as soon as practicable.
  • Interstate travels can be allowed, provided the below listed conditions are met; Which includes
    • places where passengers will wash there in the bus station must be provided.
    • Everyone must wear a face mask.
    • Their must be temperature checks for every passenger and the park would have serious crowd control at the park premises.
    • Buses can only carry 50%, of there capacity.
    • They must keep their windows open.
    • The buses and various parks will be thoroughly inspected by the state governments, to ensure that the laid down procedures are followed to the later.
    • There will be restriction of movement for local governments with so many cases of Covid-19

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