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Role Model Initiative Personality of the Week!!!!

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This week on Role Model initiative’s personality watch, we present to you a US based Nigerian female boxer; Helen Joseph a native of Rivers state NIGERIA, a professional boxer with record of 22, fights 10 knockout, 3 losts 2 draws , She was the former IBF champion, the former GBU champion,  presently  WBF world Champion.
She was declared the best fighter of the year in 2012 and 2015 respectively. And in 2017 she went ahead to become the best knockout boxer in the boxing game. In the history of female professional boxing in Africa she is the first female boxer to have traveled to very far places to fight/compete for a world title, in the  history of female professional boxing in Nigeria she is also the first female boxer to put Nigeria Name on the world boxing map, she is famously known by her boxing name “Iron Lady” aka the princess of Africa, she is a weight class Bantamweight super bantamweight. Below are extracts from an interview session with her….
Helen Joseph (Iron Lady)
Rm Team; Challenges I faced while growing up and how you handled it?    
Helen: To be  a female  professional boxer  come from poor family  No parents  No help No school background  Nobody you can call to help you for anything. Knowing that you have a dream you can’t let go of it. And No one can help you to achieve your dreams.
Rm Team; What is your life philosophy?
Helen: I don’t like pompous person I don’t like jealousy person. I don’t like liar’s , I like to treat everyone equal .I like to work very hard. I love people around me to be happy, I like the white people and Black people I  treat they equal I like to call everyone brother and sister
Rm Team; Who is your role model?
Helen: My role model is Mike Tyson.  Mike fought myself to get to where it is today I love him. He is strong and smart.
Rm Team; Involvement in charity/youth empowerment [ if any] ?
Helen: Yes, I’m involve I have  many kids I train  here in U.S .We just finished our Summer camp August 26th And I presented a gift to they to take back to school
Rm Team; Words for the young ones?
Helen: My word  for young ones, Is try to work hard, In whatever you are doing don’t give up because you called your Uncle to help you and he refuses to help you ,Don’t look are your friends that just make it because you don’t no what He or She went through, First of all check what you are doing if that’s where you belong , Don’t do something because your friends are doing it,  Remember destiny are not the same, Just Know that we all was born in different destiny, your own time can be morning, when your friend time can be in the midnight, please have patience for whatever you are doing, Don’t give up
Rm Team; Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years ?
Helen: First I see myself to be celebrate as the best in the world second I see myself to be a big promoter in the world
Rm Team; Worst Moments?
Helen: My Worst moment was  2005 I had an accident when I was playing rugby I twist my knee I could walk for 2 good years, People started talking they say Helen You will not do sport again, but I don’t believe that injury will stop me not to get to my dream, I struggle with the injury keep praying to the God of Motherless and fatherless my God heal my knee.  After 2, years I still have another injury again the same leg when I was in the camp preparing for national state festival 2011 Rives state. 3 weeks to the competition I twisted my knee again this time no time to heal I have to use it  and fight, and the worst part is that I’m not fighting boxing. I’m fighting kick boxing and Kungfu. Which means I must use the leg. I keep praying to my God  and he fought for me. he help me win my 2 Gold. with  pains and tears on my eyes, that was why I have 3 losses in my professional record today. I fought 3 world title in different countries with one leg 🦵 swell up. with serious pain only me and my coach no what I was going through
Rm Team: Best Moments?
Helen: My best moment. Was when I came to the United States of America . I was treated like a princess everything I want I have it . My  manager register me in the school that I have already lost hope of going. Anywhere I go people show me too much love ❤they make me forget my pass.
RM team ; Passion and driving force?
Helen: I love fasting and praying, I love boxing and I love dancing
Rm team; How can we get into your profession and be successful like you ?
Helen: Very easy  first you need patience 2, you need God  3, you have to work day and night 4, be happy  with people who has already make it before you,5 forgive those who have offered you 6,pray for your enemies 7, try to love everyone equal.
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