Fifth Round: FA Cup Fixtures [TABLE]

Below are the fixtures for the fifth round of the FA cup in the battle for the premier league championship.

Mancity will be heading on with Newport after beating the blues last week Sunday with a 6 goal to nill win.
Chelsea may get the chance to revenge their defeat with the Red devils, since they will be meeting head-on on Monday.

Elsewhere, Palace will on sunday play against Doncaster a 1:1 draw earlier this week with west ham.
Below are the fixtures, enjoy:

1. Friday 15, February 8:45pm QPR vs Watford
2. Saturday 16, February 1:30am Brighton vs Derby
3. Saturday 16, February 4:00pm Wimbleton vs Millwall
4. Saturday 16, February 6:30pm Newport vs Man city
5. Sunday 17, February 2:00pm Bristol City vs Wolves
6. Sunday 17, February 5:00pm Doncaster vs Crystal Palace
7,  Sunday 17, February 5:00pm Swansea vs  Brentford
8. Monday 18, February 8:30pm Chelsea vs Man Utd

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