An Officer of The Law Caught In The Act of Robbery


A Nigerian Police officer was caught on Saturday 16th January, 2021 around 10:30pm in a robbery at Elekahia housing estate Port Harcourt according to an eye witness report.

The Eye witness said:

“Around 10:30pm yesterday a bike with two guys after robbing the phones and money from two ladies with a hand gun attempted to rob a guy who raised alarm. This triggered our security boys to immediately close the gates while the entire estate residents swung into action chasing after these men. When they were caught after disarming them we realized that one had police combat T- shirt and after interrogation he confessed he was a policeman. He was searched and items including his police ID card was found with him but the boys gave it to the police who came from Elekahia police station. The estate youths marched in good numbers to the station to make sure the case was not swept under the rug to protect police image instead of due process of investigation and prosecution.”





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