Truth unfolds: we will not fall for Dibiagwu’s cheap blackmail. Dibiagwu is not from Mgbala Agwa Autonomous Community, and he should leave our community to breathe and not suffocate us. If you are a part of Mgbala Agwu, keep scrolling.

My name is Hon. Sir Collins Ughalaa. I am a card-carrying member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State, led by the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, Governor of Imo State. I am the Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Communications, and I am a stakeholder and ardent believer in the Shared Prosperity Government. I am not alone in this. Many people in my community, Mgbala Agwa Autonomous Community in Oguta LGA, are with me. They are ardent believers in the Governor Uzodimma administration and are committed to the governor’s reelection in November.



Eugene Dibiagwu, a new member of the House of Representatives who has not learnt the ropes yet, knows what he is doing. He knows that he has little or nothing to lose if the governor loses his second term election (God forbid!). Dibiagwu has been settled with the House of Representatives, and he will remain so unless the court removes him or there is a call of nature. I have a lot to lose if the governor loses the second term election (God forbid!). If – and if – the governor loses the election, the Dibiagwu we know would assume leadership position over him. This is why we have resolved that we must do all within our powers to win the election and see the governor return for a second term.

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Without mincing words, I am aware of a protest by the people of my community, Mgbala Agwa Autonomous Community, at the office of the Honourable Commissioner for Niger Delta Affairs, Prince Henry Okafor. Operating under the aegis of the Concerned Indigenes of Mgbala Agwa Autonomous Community, the protesters were made up of four retired police officers, eze-elect (former), Palace Secretary, Youth President, teachers, lecturers, retired civil servants, community leaders, chiefs and politicians. They are working for the interest of the entire people of Mgbala Agwa Autonomous Community and the governor’s reelection in November.


Our community is blessed with oil and gas, and we have Seplat Energy PLC and Sterling Global Oil Resources Ltd operating in our community, yet our community is backward. We are men of honour, responsible mothers, fathers, and youths who do not like violence and bloodletting, but we refuse to succumb to the pressures and blackmail from Dibiagwu. We will not fall for his planned counter protest tomorrow, August 31st, etcetera.


We love our party. We worked for the party during the last general elections, and we did not come short of expectations. We delivered our votes for our House of Representatives candidate, Dibiagwu, and today, he is a member of the House of Representatives. Instead of being grateful, he has turned his back on us and is now fighting us. We also worked for our party during the Senate, Presidential, and House of Assembly elections, and we did not fail. The current PG, Comrade Anslem Ojiaka Amunwanuba, who replaced the erstwhile PG. Comrade Nwokeocha Prince C (Ezembi) worked tirelessly in the midst of insecurity to deliver our party’s candidates, including Dibiagwu. He was a presiding officer (PO) in the election, and he coordinated all the POs (1&2), Assistant Presiding Officer (APO) in Mgbala/Ubah Ward, totalling about 36 in number. In all of this, the erstwhile PG was nowhere to be found.


We love our performing Governor Hope Uzodinma, and we are committed to working for him and voting for him enmasse during the November 11, 2023 governorship election. As a matter of fact, our community met on July 3, 2023, in Owerri and adopted the governor as our sole candidate for the November election, and we produced a communique which was endorsed by our people.


The truth of the matter is that our people had a protest at the office of the Honourable Commissioner for Niger Delta Affairs to express their displeasure over the unreasonable actions and activities of Dibiagwu in our community. It is annoying that despite being an oil producing community, we remain a backward community in all indices of development and Dibiagwu is supporting the PG who had left us underdeveloped, a man accued of abandoning community’s bank account and is rather running communuty affairs with private bank accounts for eight years, a man who rejected the government’s GMOU Implementation Monitoring Committee in 2021 and set up his own, made himself the chairman and ended up signing agreementt to siphon N50M from the electricity project fund; a man accused of selling local content jobs to the highest bidder including Dibiagwu. There is nothing to show that we have oil producing companies in our communities just because a few selfish and inhumane people siphon funding and opportunities from the oil producing companies and divert development opportunities.


It is shocking that we have had a PG who has been in office for 8 years, yet there is nothing to show for his leadership except ruin and deprivation. For how long are we going to continue this way? We had made efforts in the past to remove the erstwhile PG, but at every turn, he runs to some “powerful” people including Dibiagwu who protect him because of their vested economic interests as contractors in our community. Each time we made efforts to remove him, he used his connections to stop it. Eventually, we successfully removed him through the SOLAD of the LGA, Hon. Ofili Ijeoma because he was appointed PG by the former IMC Chairman, Hon. Emma Mazi (Jawbreaker) in 2020.


It is worthy of note that before the current security challenges ravaging our communities, which His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodimma is making great efforts to end, we had experienced security breaches and cult-related clashes, and we bore the brunts. Many of our brothers and sisters were killed, houses vandalized, and our mother, sisters, and daughters violated. We have these first-hand experiences of security breaches, and we do not believe that violence is a pathway to resolving an issue. This is the reason we have maintained calm in the face of serious provocations, including blackmail by urchins working for Dibiagwu.


But we were pushed to the wall by Dibiagwu, whom we collectively sent to the House of Representatives. We are surprised that while carrying an elephant on his head, he prefers to pick snails. Our protest was well recorded and relayed live on Facebook. It had nothing to do with the governor who has done so well and deserves reelection. Rather, the process was all about our liberation from the hands of Dibiagwu, who has shown himself to be a monster. Having elected him to the House of Representatives, we believe we have done so much for him, and he should leave us to choose who becomes our PG. But his economic interests wouldn’t allow him.


Dibiagwu’s knees on our neck are choking us. He should allow us to breathe and not suffocate us.


We did not want to politicise our move to liberate ourselves from Dibiagwu and his stooge, Ezembi, but for the purpose of responding to his false claims, we want to state that the erstwhile PG, Ezembi, is not a member of the APC. He is a member of the PDP, and he has never worked for our party. He was nowhere to be seen during the last elections and does not have a PVC. We, therefore, consider it insulting that Dibiagwu lies that if Ezembi is removed, the governor would lose election in Agwa. This is a blatant lie. As a matter of fact, for us as card-carrying members of the APC, there is an urgent need to remove Ezembi as PG because he will always work against our party’s victory. Dibiagwu should stop forcing him on us. We wear the shoes and we know where it pinches. Dibiagwu does not know Agwa more than we do, and he cannot dictate to us how to run the affairs of our community.


We have a governor who sees beyond the charade represented by Dibiagwu and his partners. Dibiagwu is not from Mgbala Agwa Autonomous Community, and he should leave our community to breathe and not suffocate us.


Credit: Collins Ughalaa KSC 

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