Nigerians in UAE cry out harsh treatment from the police!!! as Dubai suspends issuing of work Visa to Nigerians!!!

The government of the United Arab Emirates has suspended the issuing of work visa to Nigerians following the continuous crimes committed by Nigerians currently living and working there.

If you will recall we reported a cult clash between rival Nigerian cult gangs living  in the Abu Shagara area of Sharjah. well the clash has gone from been an all Nigerian fight into Nigerians attacking and killing a its locals. report has it that some members of the cult gangs murdered a local and his pregnant wife, carting away with their money and other valuables. This action got the UAE government angry and they ordered their security agents to arrest any Nigerian found weather in the bus, or on the road, with plans to even extend the raids to their various places of work. They even went as far conducting raids and mounting road blocks in search of Nigerians in the above mentioned area.

An eye witness sent us a video of the raids and another sent us a voice note that was sent to his relatives informing them about the unsafe nature of his current location. In his voice note he stated that Nigerians in Abu Shagara area of Sharjah, murdered a local and his pregnant wife, made away with their cash and other valuables, which was the major cause of the recent clamp down.

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Another Nigerian  currently residing in Dubai, told one of our correspondents that the Abu Dhabi police unit also uncovered a crime den/hide out, where Nigerians has been using to lure its victims to and extort them of their cash, stating that some of their victims end up dead as a result of torture, while trying to extort cash from them. These crimes has left the diplomatic relationship between the Nigerian government and the UAE’s government shaking, with the UAE government considering a move to cut the ties between both countries. Just yesterday the government suspended the issuing of work visa to Nigerians willing to go over there in search of greener pastures.

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