Migrating to UAE ( things to know before going abroad)


Every Nigerian living in Dubai is a visa agent. Reason being that the UAE visa is one of the easily acquired visa for Nigerians around the world. This has made it very common for just anyone to deceive/convince/persuade intending travelers to choose migrating to UAE as an option even in this difficult times.

Migrating to UAE
Migrating to UAE

Correct me if am wrong, for about a period of two years the United Arab Emirates government has denied Nigerians labor visa which has affected the possibility of Nigerians getting employed. I personally lost my job since December 2020 and has not been able to find another job, luckily my food vending business has been picking the bills all this while.

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The number of Nigerians in UAE keeps increasing by the day. The streets are littered with Nigerians when there’s barely a sustainable means of livelihood. No jobs, no funds to venture into entrepreneurship even with the enabling environment the country offers. Most has no skills, no certification. Some has become homeless and frustrated and has taking to crime and incessant notoriety. Our girls on the other hand has become most sort after for sex services.

Migrating to UAE requires skills or proper certifications, many agents who are just out their looking for crumps are the ones misleading thousands of Nigerians you see littered all over the streets of UAE.

It is difficult for some persons to get employed because they simply have nothing to offer. An agent tells you come to Dubai there are jobs, what are the jobs they’re referring to? You follow their advice, get loans or sell properties only to get here and meet nothing but the scotching sun screaming hardship.

No one sings praise of a slave master you know. So do not expect someone who has managed to survive thundering blows from hunger and racial discrimination to play you melodious rhythms.

Dubai is not as hard as it’s portrayed, our brothers and our sisters made it so. The lies and deceits sold to intending migrants by dubious travel agents made it so. Greed all in the name of agent fee when we can easily help each other made it so.

Note: before leaving Nigeria to either Dubai or any other part of the world in search of greener pasture, be well equipped. Have a degree and proper certification, if you do not have this, be kind to yourself by acquiring skills. You cannot expect to gain from where you have nothing to offer.

My one cent….

Best Ogechukwu Ajie

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