Dbanj’s Alleged Rape, Ex-Manager breaks silence, Kemi calls Ayodeji fake!! [VIDEO]

Frank Amudo, Dbanj’s former manager breaks silence on the alleged rape case between Dbanj and Seyitan Babatayo, claims he has voice notes of when he was first told about the incident in his phone.

Frank Amudo, in an interview granted to @GoldMyneTV, claims he had knowledge of the incident, as he was informed about it by the victim, while he was on a trip to Ghana with the accused, who was his boss at that time.

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Investigative Journalist, Kemi Olonloyo, made a post on her Instagram page, accusing Dbanj’s formal manager Mr Frank of using his girl friend Seyitan Babatayo as a rape victim, to set his formal Boss up, stating that he is out to cause havoc and distract, him from his 40th birthday, and to destroy his N45million deal with heritage bank plc. She always explained her earlier encounter with Mr Frank.

She also called out gender activist Ayodeji Osowobi, stating that she does not focus on real rape cases rather she comes for the high profile “FAKE” cases such as this one and that of Mrs Busola Dakolo, instead of focusing her energy on defending the innocent girls been abused and violated on daily basis, that can not speak up for themselves. She also added that Mr Frank is Seyitan’s Pimp.

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Frank Amudo, DBanj's former manager who I accused of ALLEGEDLY setting up DBanj in the rape affair DETAINED by police for questioning yesterday. He was later released pending more questioning. Amudo threatened me with a N200M lawsuit which his lawyers never served me but posted on social media claiming I should cease and desist from writing about him and calling my work "flawed and baseless Investigative Journalism". He gave me 3 days. It is now day 7 and I'm seeking legal advice as his lawyer has defamed me. Your attempt to silence this Journalist by defaming me may invite a N900M Defamation lawsuit Frank. He has yet to sue me. My Investigation found that he Allegedly set up the FALL of DBanj using his girlfriend Seyitan as a rape victim in order to distract DBanj's 40th birthday, @heritagebankplc N45M deal for @creamplatform and bitterly MOCK his son Daniel's second death anniversary all within June 2020. Frank is wicked! He is Allegedly Seyitan's pimp. No RAPE happened between her and DBanj. This gender Activist Ayodeji is a joke, blocks me on Twitter as if I'm following her or her NGO #standtoendrape. I can access any account with my company account ?These women get huge amounts of dollars to fight for rape victims but you hardly see them fighting for the REAL ONES. They always focus on high profile FAKE allegations like Mrs Dakolo and Seyitan instead of the ordinary girl on the street defiled by fathers, uncles, men on the streets. What is Ayodeji doing about Anambra state? NOTHING. Like she tweeted, we too will fight them till the system works for the innocently accused men. Watch carefully how this is unfolding as once again, nobody is investigating this case in the mainstream media. Call me a rape Apologist or DBanj has paid me millions right? It doesn't bother me. I know my worth. #DrKemiOlunloyo #kemitalksrape #saynotorape

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One thought on “Dbanj’s Alleged Rape, Ex-Manager breaks silence, Kemi calls Ayodeji fake!! [VIDEO]

  • July 8, 2020 at 8:05 am

    Why is this evidence coming out now……If this allegations turns out to be false, the law should also not be kind in dealing with false rape alarms….


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