Right or Wrong!!!! what do you think about this Photo Shoot?

The cyber space has gone ablaze with a photo of a little girl making round the social media.
This has caused many Nigerians to air there view even as many has described the act “Intending Rape Victim” especially as the nation is battling with rape cases.
A Nigerian Facebook handler has this to say!!!
Criminals and societal deviants are not born. They are made and many of us are very busy today making the criminals and deviants of tomorrow, even out of our own children.
“I really pity those parents who are painstakingly grooming their own children today according to the dictates of God and the Holy Books, for the kids whose parents are failing in their own duties today will endanger your own children tomorrow. There’s no escaping it.”
More photos:
Do you think her parents/guardians did the right thing???
share your views on our comment section!!!
(By Amos M.)
Image Credit: Facebook

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