Why we destroyed Nigerian Embassy!!!

Ghanaian business man destroys’ Nigerian’s high commission staff quarters, claims with evidence that he owns the land where the staff quarters was built on.
The demolition was carried, out yesterday 21st June 2020, The Nigerian government is yet to comment on this matte.Reports gathered that the businessman showed up last week with evidence to prove that the land was his, after which he started demolishing the fence surrounding the building, his action was not opposed, although the embassy petitioned the Ghanaian government, but they were yet to respond before the man went back to the building yesterday with a bulldozer and armed men, threatened the embassy staffs and98 brought down the building.
According to eye witnesses interviewed by Joy news, the leader of the team came armed with a pistol strapped to his waist, the residence chief security officer who arrived late to the compound, said that they called the local police severally but no response and when they finally showed up, they went straight to the man and had a friendly chat with the business man after which the man went away with his bulldozer as if he did nothing.
Another eye witness lamented on the disgrace this incident has brought to our Nation, stating that more than two hours after the demolition, the Ghanaian government was yet to send security personnel to protect the Acting high commissioner of Nigeria. He however called on the Nigerian government to look into the matter, noting the amount of reduced the incident has brought to the Nation. Another eye witness lamented stating that their lives are no longer save, noting that the police intentionally ignored their distressed calls, he further stated that the police head quarters was less than 5minutes away from the embassy and the area is the moat secured in the whole of the area yet the police waited for the demolition that lasted more than an hour to finish before coming responding.

Watch the scene after the demolition in the video below:


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