With the events plying out lately in the political scene in Abia State, everyone will agree with me that the most difficult to comprehend words are *EQUITY and ZONING*. These words have been bastardized and it has gradually lost sauce as far as Abia state is concerned.

The PDP in Abia state is headed by an erudite UKWA politician. Well experienced in legislation and a political and academic achiever, he has done very well politically which in turn earned him the party chairmanship. But, the word Zoning is almost making a mess of one of our enviable politicians, but sir, zoning to two different zones was a silent blunder, howbeit, this we will dwell on some other day.

UKWA/NGWA is a political bloc. The present situation on play politically is a shadow and opposite the word EQUITY, today the Ngwa has the governor and the Senate leaving the Ukwa neighbors without anything. If news making the rounds is anything to go by, the governor has also anointed another NGWA man to succeed him. At this point, for the sake of equity and in all decency I urge our Ngwa neighbors to immediately relinquish the senatorial seat to Ukwa if equity is anything to reckon with.

Back to base. We all know that power is never given, one must step forward and demand that which I due him especially as it regards to power. Ukwa, it is time to demand what rightly belongs to you. Let us wake up from our slumber, in unity confront the enemies at the gate, and after we conquer we come back home and settle our scores. WHO SHALL WE SEND, and WHO WILL GO?

We have the likes of Sir Chris Nkwonta, Chief Sam Nwogu, and Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta whom I consider very capable of glitchy the seat if all hands are on deck. The emergence of any of these is a win-win for Ukwa.

In politics, strength is drawn from the weakness of the opposition. Taking a holistic view into the events playing out, it is obvious that the center can no longer hold. The governor, the party, the godfathers have lost grip. This is dangerous for a party like the PDP that is almost on the verge of going instinct in the South-East.

Hon. Nkem Abonta, having served in the House of Representatives for over a decade stands a better chance. His wealth of experience is unquestionable, he has the capacity both politically and financially to match any contender and return the senatorial seat to Ukwa.

Hon. Abonta


Sir Sam Nwogu, having served the party in various capacities, is a strong voice in Abia PDP, a past and present commissioner in the state, and also a stakeholder in the PDP. Chief, have all it takes to align with the right teams and negotiate himself into power, let’s tell ourselves the truth, it is achievable.

Hon. Sam Nwogu

Sir. Chris Nkwonta, a business mogul, has over time taken a shot to the highest of positions, he has maintained that heavyweight over the years from the opposition. He has run for governor and also taken a shot at the senate. Sir Chris is financially capable and previous experience is a big advantage as he only loses with very insignificant margins. He can also comfortably floor the governor who has shown to Abians that he lacks capacity and even willpower. Sir Chris will win him.


Chief Chris Nkwonta

Today, Ukwa is faced with the decision of taking her faith into her hands. This is the right time to end marginalization. Let us arise and appeal to consciences and negotiate wisely.

I urge Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta to take a shot at the senate and salvage Ukwa from this marginalization. I also call on Ukwa leaders to come together and speak in one voice and strong terms demand equity. A stitch in time, saves nine let us save Ukwa today.

There is no better time to negotiate our freedom than now, let us negotiate our freedom.

Kalada Elendu
(Is an Ukwa Son and a nonpartisan political analyst, who writes from Port Harcourt)

Kalada Elendu

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