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Zfancy (pronounced as Zeefancy) is a Nigerian Pranks creator, Comedy maker, Video Creator and Social Experimenter, who is known for his TV channel, Zfancy TV on Youtube.

The comedian whose real name is Zion Ubani looks somewhat like Mark angel, which has got fans wondering if the duo are related, especially as they’ve featured together making prank videos.

zfancy tv

Zfancy TV is the official youtube channel of Zfancy (whose real name is not known as at the time of making this post). It features very interesting and user engaging pranks, mostly conducted on the streets with everyday people.

The Youtube channel currently has 74,341 subscribers as at May 22, 2019, only its first year of been created.

zfancy pranks (videos)

Zfancy pranks are popular for their realistic experience and how they are conducted. Most popular zfancy pranks on youtube include the Scorpion Prank , Picking up naija girls with body guardsBlind man drinking bleach in public, and  11 years old boy drunk in public.

zfancy arrested

Zfancy got arrested in October 2018 after pranking a guy at a mall in Lekki axis of Lagos. Thy guy was angry because he felt embarassed after taking off his clothes which revealed his unclean innerwears and made his friends laugh at him.

He reported Zfancy to the police station at the mall, Zfancy alongside his camera man, Henry got arrested, the police men were about billing them but they succeeded in Pranking the officers, after Zfancy claimed to be ashmatic and actually did fake a seizure.

They got released and Zfancy made a video narrating his ordeal, –> Watch here.

Though, he explains that its just part of one of the risks involved in his kind of business.

zfancy arrested
Zfancy arrested

Other Zfancy Comedy

Other popular zfancy comedy include: Pranking a lady, which actually saw her take off her clothes, revealing only her bra on the street –> Watch here.

Zfancy’s Prank of calling SARS officers with victim’s phones also went viral —> Watch here.

Zfancy Social Media

Zfancy has social media accounts on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Facebook –> https://web.facebook.com/pg/zfancytv
Youtube –> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZu6U2qCp66HIYdmzkvodNQ/
Instagram –> https://www.instagram.com/zfancy001/

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