“We Couldn’t Have Done It Without Your Love…” – GBN Appreciates Nigerian Supporters.

The GBN Team

Giveback Nigeria (GBN) continues to render support to various communities within Nigeria. On Sunday, 21st June, GBN reached out to over 200 families at Aivoji, Badagry where they shared palliatives, following their hashtag- #supportmyneighbourchallenge.
“We couldn’t have done this without love, support and prayers! This coastal community is very dear to us and we hope to do more!” Says Founder of GBN, Jennifer Soba Pearse on her Instagram page

On Friday, GBN partnered with SCAF Nigeria to recognize World Sicklec-Cell Day by giving out care packages to victims of sickle cell in various parts of the country.

Last month, 100 widows and 100 nursing mothers got care packages from GBN, at Ikota first gate community with the aid of some foundations.

GBN is a social responsibility organization aimed activating a youth-based movement towards social change in Nigeria through community service, leadership and education.
“Given our conviction that young people can and should serve as change agents in their communities, GBN holds service programmes for youth across Nigeria to get involved in their direct communities through service learning while learning about social issues and organizations responding to these issues through innovative solutions,” – Give Back Nigeria.
They provide care packages to the vulnerable as well as volunteer and manpower support to initiatives at the forefront.
The #supportmyneighbourchallenge started with an Orphanage home in Lagos on March 30, 2020 and since then, GBN have been spreading love during this Covid-19 pandemic, providing care packages in Some communities in Abuja, Rivers State, Ogun State, etc, through the help of their volunteer teams cut across Nigeria, as well as support from various groups such as SCAF Nigeria, Maggi Nigeria, Airen Foundation, Five Foundation and many others including individuals.
Here are some photos of GBN activities:

Though GBN has been in existence for a while now and have been active, their impact have been felt more since this pandemic; and their work is getting more commendations.







Image credit: GBN

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