Wawu! See this Latest 5G Fold-able Phone by Samsung [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Samsung has shocked its long time foe, Apple, by releasing its first 5G foldable device; the Galaxy Fold.

The South Korean company still takes the lead as the world’s largest smartphone maker, although the company recorded  slumping market last year.

With the release of Galaxy Fold, a feature analysts said he doesn’t see apple making a foldable phone till 2020.
The first 5G, foldable Premium phone is set to be in the market from April 26.

Costed at $1,980 dollars, an equivalent of 716,205.60 Nigerian Naira, the phone would be provided its 5G network by Verizon Communications Inc .

Samsung Fold

The networks are expected to be 10 times faster than current ones, improving viewing of live news and sports events.

Asked what is the drive behind the production of Samsung Fold, DJ Koh, chief executive of Samsung Electronics, said , it was to proof skeptics wrong, who said that everything that could be done has been done.

The galaxy fold has a display of 7.3 inches (18.5 cm) when unfolded, making it appear as a mini tablet.

Although the flagship cost of  $1,980 is on the high side,  some committed Samsung fans said they would still purchase it.

An example of this enthusiast is Navneet Kumar Singh, who traveled to San Francisco to watch the launch and revealed that he is  ready to place his order.

In his words::

…in the end, if you invest the money you’re getting a different experience.”

Along side the launch of the galaxy fold, samsung announced the release of several accessories to match against Apple, including a pair of wireless headphones called Galaxy Buds

galaxy buds

The headphones include wireless charging, a feature that Apple has promised to put into is competing AirPods but has not yet released.

Also, Samsung revealed that with the release of its new products, most of its accessories will be capable of been charged wireless by simply placing these accessories at the back of Samsung phones.

Adding to the queue of its electronics, Samsung released 5G models of its phones that already exist in the market alongside new cameras.

Watch the video below:

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