Timi Dakolo confesses “I was wedded by pastor!!!

Timi Dakolo, responds to cyber and social media critics whom according to him have been peddling rumors as a result of the social media buzz generated as a result of an interview revealing what pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo did to her several years ago.

Timi & Busola Dakolo


Timi who also used this medium to clarify the fake rumours that have been in circulation, abou him and his wife Busola getting married at the common wealth of Zion assembly (COZA), and he also refuted the statement about him been a music director.
Timi why responding to this smear campiagners on his Instagram handle, has this few points to those who have chosen to ridicule him and his wife for been brave and bold to tell her full truth on television. Timi said we are ready, we knew the road won’t be smooth, but we are ready to push until justice is served. This is what he has to say to the smear campaigners:
1. First the ridiculous rumor that Biodun wedded us, please watch the video yourself, does the pastor look like Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo?? His name is Pst Seyi of global impact church officiating at the wedding and the screen shot below is a statement from Yemi Davis, pastor of global impact church on this issue but nameless and faceless cyber bullies can’t read can they??
2. I have never met or been in the same space with Biodun Fatoyinbo nor do i want to be and i have never been a member of COZA.
3. I guess that also answers the desperate attempts to say i was a music director in COZA. Funny as i have never been a music director in ANY church! A church can’t have an anonymous music director can they??? Foolishness!
4. Apparently i had a child, divorced and remarried Busola. Spirit wife and child things #AfricanMagic. And Busola was given monetary gifts, car, and flown to Chicago – no be only Chicago na soweto, please do better!!!, tell more believable lies!.
Again i say desperate people will say desperate things. As i said before WE ARE READY.
We came out to speak on this painful matter. To bear the shame that comes with this. To be doubted, ridiculed…. Just so that others can be saved and justice serve. We are not backing down and no amount of manufactured lies can stop the truth that has started to unveil. #Notinmychurch #unbroken #truth.

Since the release of the video, The Dakolo’s have enjoyed massive support from Nigerian celebrities whom have vowed to stop at nothing until justice is serve on this matter. They went to the extent of staging a protest in the church head quarters last Sunday. And a few other ex members of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) has also narrated their experiences with the man of God. However a few days ago a close source to the church HQ reported with a press statement saying that the senior pastor has temporarily resigned as the head pastor of the church in other to give room for proper investigation on the issue, even though he has released an earlier statement saying he is not guilty of the allerged crime.

This event have given birth to a movement known as “NOT IN MY CHURCH” and few other movements, to help combat victims of molestation from both religious and non religious leaders.

To watch the video of his wedding, so as to confirm the actual pastor that wedded him and his wife, visit his Instagram page @timidakolo
In the mean time enjoy the screen shots below.



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