TIME: The Most Obedient Creature on Earth!!!!!

Time is one creatures that remain obedient to God from the day it was created till now. Every other creature under the heavens have been affected by man’s sin, become disobedient unto God in one way or the other. However, time remained firm unto the creator, moving forward and allowing God’s prophesies to be fulfilled as defined. Time is the best creature we should try to emulate in respect to obeying God.

What is time?
There is no definite explanation of what time is, however, the elements used in measuring time are similar. Time can be defined as the progression of events from the past to the present into the future. It can also be seen as a period to which events occurs from the past to the present into the future.
Time is a factor of life itself. The measurement of man’s existence from birth to death is dependent on time. Imagine you, remembering your date of birth and celebrating it each year! It all depends on time. By this birthday events alone, what if time decides to disobey God? Will there be any celebration of birthdays and other periodical events? NO. Hence, the point here is, “BE LIKE TIME”.

Why be like time?
There are thousands of reasons for us all to be like time. Some could be individual, while some are for general purpose. However, I see that if we all behave like time, we stand the chance of;

Coming closer to God. The more we obey God as time does from the beginning, the more God reveal himself to us, making our purpose of existence easily achieved.

There will be less troubles about sickness, fights, quarrels etc. here and there. Remember, disobedient causes more harm than good.

Peace will reign in our families, thereby leading to a peaceful and progressive society. For peace is the password of progress.

Love being the ultimate of man’s existence will be our characters/attitudes towards God and between us, which is the major character God.

So many reasons to be like time, as it will lead us towards a successful end. Towards every beginning, there is an end. start your year with obedience, and the end will definitely be a testimony.

The basic idea is not just to tell you what time is, but to tell you to BE A TIME IN 2020.

Wishing you a blessed 2020.

a piece by Elias Francis