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Meet our personality – Nze Anosike

“Well I live my today like it’s the last day. I try to make myself happy, eat, sleep well , try as much as possible to enjoy myself, help people when I’m in the position to help… in summary my philosophy is that life is too short, live while you can” Nze Anosike

Nze Anosike

Nze Anosike, is from IMO state, he holds a degree in estate management from abia state university. He has worked in so many estate firm before setting out to set up the first kind of online real estate platform, his firm Cribz Apartment Nigeria is one of the fastest growing brand in the industry.

Cribz Apartment majors in real estate development,management and sale and buy of homes… Currently he just floated a sister company of cribz, called CRIBZ construction Nigeria. A construction firm that majors in road and building construction.. Nze is married to a beautiful wife.

RM team: What are the challenges you faced while growing up and how did you overcome it?

Growing up was normal. I didn’t come from a rich family and I wasn’t lacking. I had all I wanted. My dad worked in a construction firm and my mum was a trader. She had a shop in the market and at the close of school I usually go to assist her because I was the last child and probably because I was very fond of her. I could say I had everything I needed and also a family that supported me.

RM team: What is your life philosophy?

Well I live my today like it’s the last day. I try to make myself happy, eat, sleep well , try as much as possible to enjoy myself, help people when I’m in the position to help… in summary my philosophy is that life is too short, live while you can.

RM team: Who is your role model?

My parents are my role model. I grew up in a house where I never saw my parents raise their voice at each other. The synergy between both of them was out of this world. My dad was one man that at month end, he would hand over his salary to my mum to plan for the whole family.
Next is Donald Trump, reason being that he’s also sort of into my profession. I also admire his arrogance because he knows what he wants, he goes for it and he gets it. I also admire my pastor, Mr. Eugene Ogu because he worked his way from the ground from being a carpenter to a successful man.

RM team: Involvement in any charity youth empowerment

Well to an extent I have a mentorship group where I try to pour out some of my ideas, advice to some group of young persons that admire me and have indicated interest to learn from the experiences I have acquired and gathered over the years. I also belong to a group called LIKEMINDS. Wonderful set of young professionals where we come together to put resources together to carry out charity work.

RM team: Word for the young ones

Yes I actually do have a lot. But I will share a few.
Firstly sincerity will take you to places, it will bring you to the table of good people. It will sell you fast.
Secondly learn to start small, do not be in a haste. For the fact that your mates are up there doesn’t mean that there’re people you’re not better than, you must perfect the act of what you’re doing now and grow it to a point where it becomes big . Don’t ever compare yourself with others because no two persons are alike. Obama became a president at his 40s while Trump is now president at his 70’s. At the end history will record them both as being president of America so don’t be in a haste because there’s no quick way to success.

RM team: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

God willing, at the table where national issues are discussed. Where solutions on how to solve issues concerning this country are resolved and also taking my company to the stock market.

RM tean: Worst moment

My worst moment I could say is the day I lost my mum. To some extent I can say my whole world came to a pause and I’m still yet to recover from that shock 2 years after.

My BEST MOMENT could be every day in life because I try as much as I can to make myself happy. To some extent I can say seeing some of my dreams come true, working myself up that ladder with respect to chasing my dreams.

RM team: Passion and driving force

My passion is to be successful. To an extent I could say success drives me. With a singular act of succeeding keeps me going. I am so hungry for success. I just want to succeed.
My driving force, well looking at my family background, where I come from and things I want to accomplish. These factors drive me.

RM team: What is your current job?
I am currently a senior partner at Cribz Apartment, a real estate company where we major in buying, selling and managing real estate and development. This year a sister company was given birth to Cribz Construction which majors in Road construction, construction of bridges and buildings and hopefully in the future, we are looking into going into manufacturing and Agriculture.

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Cribz Apartments Nigeria
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