Role Model Personality Watch!!!!!

This week on role model initiative’s personality of the week, we bring you our very own boss, a philanthropist, a generous heart, a hard worker, a brother, a father,  a husband and a dependable friend. Allow me to introduce you to Mr Ovie, a seasoned/successful investment banker, the CEO of Investpreneur, one of Nigerian’s most reputable investment banking firm. Find out more about him in this one on one seat down with him adn get inspired.
Mr Ovie
RM: Challenges faced while growing up and how you overcame
Mr Ovie: well some children were born with silver spoon while some were born to create theirs. I’m of the latter and instead of a silver spoon I decided to create a diamond spoon. I grew up in a home were you are contented with what you are given by your parents and that helped me not to be envious of anyone.
RM: What is your life philosophy?
Mr Ovie: life is a capital item, please invest it! By “capital” i mean life is not for consumption but for productivity, we live in the part of the world where consumption is the order of the day.
Life is Time and time is the greatest investment. We should spend time creating value and not otherwise. God’s first instruction to man is, ” be fruitful & multiply” – create value. In Africa, most times we rise, kill & eat, instead of obeying the former. We have killed dreams, visions, goals and plans. It’s high time we started being fruitful. It’s high time we started created value.
RM: Who is your role model?
Mr Ovie: In the aspect of education my parents are my role models, when I was almost given up on education/ school they encouraged and ensured I went back to school and here I am today with two Masters and PhD to begin.
RM: Involvement in charity/ youth empowerment ( if any)
Mr Ovie: You see, like I mentioned to the Vice-President Prof. Osibanjo on February 2nd 2019, “entrepreneurship is the way for Africa out of the dark. You cannot introduce a new educational curriculum or syllabus void of* *entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship breeds a knowledge based economy and not our current* *certificate-driven economy to this end we have* *registered organization centred on AFRIPRENEUR to  promote the cultivation of African entrepreneurs from a young stage to an adult stage and from grassroots*.
OBJECTIVES: To work with the government at the local state and federal ministry of education as well as ECOWAS, AU, UN to entrench entrepreneurship as a subject or course in all levels of education from the kindergarten stage.*
RM: Word for young ones
Mr Ovie: The greatest blessing that has happened to this generation is the advent of the internet. Use it to increase your value, and not to devalue yourself. Stop buying & selling yourself to cheap information.
RM: Where do you see yourself in the next ten year.
Mr Ovie: I won’t say ten rather I’ll say five years time. I see myself as a strategic agent of change in areas of environment, security, education, agriculture, poverty and entrepreneurship e.t.c. In summary in next five years I see myself as a Driver of Change. That’s the only constant thing right?
RM: Worst moment/ best moment ( if any).
Mr Ovie: One of my  best moments was on 1st of February 2018, the day I resigned my job to start my own company. I had nothing but an idea, but there was this thrill in my heart when I was handing over my resignation letter. Whenever I remember that day, I want to have a ‘resignation* *party’ (hahahahaha, whoever heard of such a thing). Having one February 1st 2020.
Worst moment was when I heard a very good man who was P.A to one of clients passed on December 28, 2019. Very painful.
RM: Passion and driving force?
Mr Ovie: Creating investment solutions.
RM: You can take some time to sale what you do ( advert)
Mr Ovie: Investment solutions
Portfolio Recovery and management
Financial advisory
Recovery of unclaimed dividends
Know of anyone who has ever invested in the stock market, but having investment issues? Just talk to us INVESTPRENEUR. We are a call away.