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Musa is a Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Business Strategist, Accountant, Content Developer, Nation Builder and Connector, Award Winner and a Global Influencer. He’s the Lead Consultant for BeMORE Global Consulting and Co-Founder / Executive Director of MORE Global Foundation who advocate for the Implementation of Africa Agenda 2063 by African Union and the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations 2030.
Musa and friends
He has gained over ten years experiences and built leadership capacity within Banking, Manufacturing, Logistics, Oil & Gas Industries and NGO’s.
Musa has contributed and participated in reaching out to over 5,000 youths globally, where he has developed strong Project Coordination, Branding and Leadership skills who has successfully handled global and national projects which have earned him several awards and recognitions from Africa, America, Asia and Europe.
His mission is to create a society where every child has access to quality education irrespective of their background and discovering youth’s potentials through a developmental strategic approach that will deploy the greatness in them because they deserve MORE.
RM team: Challenges faced while growing up and how you overcome ?
My story has always been a source of inspiration most especially to myself and people around me. Because life has taught me how to appreciate every seconds I breathe and the people that cross my path.
I hail from the South West of Nigeria called Ogun State in the city of Abeokuta where visionary leaders emerged in person of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Prof. Wole Soyinka (Nobel laureate), M. K. O Abiola, Fela Kuti among others.
I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria an environment where you have to struggle for everything to get what you want or else the society will knock you down. I was bred in a society vulnerable enough to make a wrong choice and decision. As a child, I knew what I wanted and pursed them with full energy. I really don’t know how important education was, but I drew strength from watching great people on my father’s black and white television then. I never loved missing the then NTA news whenever my dad was watching even though, I barely comprehend whatever the newscasters were saying but I love seeing dignitaries on TV which made me promise myself to also one day be like them.
When I graduated from school in the year 2014, I wanted to engage myself but was not privileged to meet or network with right channel. I felt trapped not until I met a good friend of mine who guide me through.  Ever since then have been focusing on providing information at the right time and place while I also mentor and coach youths in other to actualize their dream because they deserve MORE.
With over ten years of experience have been able to work in different sectors ranging from Banking, Manufacturing, Logistics, Oil & Gas and NGOs because I believe in been versatile and have travelled far Nigeria and also been to Ghana, Togo and Benin since adventures has always been one of my best hobbies.
These memories are where I draw my strength whenever I feel like backing off from my dreams. I have always wanting to be M.O.R.E (MAKING myself OCCUPIED and RELEVANT in the ENVIRONMENT) from childhood and has been contributing to my growth and exposure for global relevance.
RM team ; What is your life philosophy ?
Life is on a constant change; to actualize your dream into reality a dare price must be paid if you want to be M.O.R.E. (MAKING yourself OCCUPIED and RELEVANT in your ENVIRONMENT)
RM team: Who is your role model ?
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is my role model while I have mentors on different career path I am pursuing.
RM team : Involvement in charity/youth empowerment?
Serving as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of MORE Global Foundation has exposed me to be the current Honorable Chairman, Diaspora Matters and African Development Committee of Democracy Africa Youth Parliament 2nd Assembly, Vice President – African Continent under Global Socio-Economic Financial & Evolution Network, Fellow of African Young Leaders Fellowship Programme Ghana, Secretary General – 2019 International Advisory Board Member of World Young Leaders for Humanity Bangladesh, Lagos State Coordinator – 2019 Election Observer with Centre for Democracy and Development West Africa, South – South Zonal Coordinator International Human Rights Movement Nigeria Chapter, Ambassador of World Literacy Foundation – UK, Global Goodwill Ambassador, The International Development House – UK, YDG Global Ambassador, Planning Committee Member of Young African Leaders Initiative Lagos State Hub and member of International Youth Council, Amnesty International, SDG Academy, ONE Campaign, TeachSDGs, Young World Leaders Program, Human Right and Environmental Organization, International Youth Coalition for Education, Changemakers Today, Phenomenal African Women Foundation, Nigeria SDGs Youth Network, World Youth Council Nigeria among many others. Where have been able to contribute and impacted over 10,000 lives through both the local and international organizations I volunteer with overtime.
Through these experiences, I have developed strong project coordination, leadership and advocacy skills and have successfully handled global and national projects. I enjoy focusing on the topics of leadership, child education and have a strong passion for youth empowerment which has earned me several awards and recognitions from Africa, America, Asia and Europe.
RM team: Word for the young ones ?
Before you begin, make sure it’s aligned with your purpose and then pursue it with all the resources and strength you have got in you and watch out how your life will keep transforming positively.
To attain your full potentials, you have to be M.O.R.E. (MAKING yourself OCCUPIED & RELEVANT in the ENVIRONMENT) that will benefit humanity and increase your level of personal developments.
Your purpose on earth is to serve humanity in any capacity you can, find your PURPOSE and WHY. Then, watch out how your life will keep transforming positively when you serve passionately.
Let’s keep doing MORE for humanity globally.
RM team:  Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
Globally recognized for humanitarian activities done while also among the top business manager in the industry who are contributing to nation and global developments.
RM team:  Worst moment / best moment?
In the year 2017/2018 I was very sick that I almost gave up, my passion for humanity gave me hope that I still have a lot to do on earth through impacting into many lives. That mission kept me alive and stronger to keep doing M.O.R.E (MAKING myself OCCUPIED & RELEVANT in the ENVIRONMENT).
January, 2019 when I won the 2018 Outstanding Global Youth Ambassador from Theirworld ( A United Nations recognized charity organization based in London) out of 900 Global Youth Ambassadors from over 90 countries. This is a special annual award given to a young person who has been doing outstanding work both within and outside the Global Youth Ambassador network to break down the barriers that keep children out of education.
RM team: Passion and driving force ?
My mission is to create a society where every child has access to quality education irrespective of their background and discovering youth’s potentials through a developmental strategic approach that will deploy the greatness in them because they deserve MORE.
Childhood memories drive me to become who I am today and my mission propels me in doing MORE for humanity globally.
RM team: You can take some time to sell what you do?
I am presently the Lead Consultant of BGC – BeMORE Global Consulting which is a full – fledged Leadership, Personal and Business Management Firm based in Lagos State, Nigeria with wide network of global footprints of clienteles.
We leverage on the power of STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT to improve human EXISTENCE to live a PURPOSEFUL LIFE they are designed for and businesses to earn the PROFIT they deserve.
We work with Individuals, Businesses, Corporate Organizations, Non – Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations as well as Government Agencies – require the service of a Professional Leadership, Personal and Business Consultant, for a better public standing and personal performance.
ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Auditing
Business & Project Management
Personal & Professional Branding
Training & Facilitation
Safety Maintenance
Content Development
Career Coaching
Social Impact Consulting
Human Capital Development
OUR PURPOSE: We exist to improve the public standing of our clients through the use of personal and strategic development.
CORPORATE VISION: To be a globally trusted and reputed consulting firm that will sharpen many to BeMORE.
MISSION STATEMENT: To build credible reputations and corporate brands that would stand the test of time with reliance on conventional and contemporary best practices.
CORE VALUES: Results, Integrity, Professionalism, Experience
RM team:  How can we get into your profession and be successful like you ?
You need to know your WHY.
Acquire the necessary education and focused more on personal developments.
Have a great leadership and networking skills.
RM Team: What is the first thing we need to learn*
Passion, Purpose, Impact and Profit
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  • September 14, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    It’s an honour to be featured on this great page.

    I do appreciate this privileged given to me as a medium of using my story to inspire and motivate others that MORE is achievable.

    Thank you


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