Role Model Initiative Personality of the week

This week on role model initiative personality watch, we had the privileged of having a seat down with the one and only Purity Abhulimhen, a hardworking entrepreneur, a model and a wife who is determined to be the Jack Ma of Africa in the nearest future. she is currently the CEO and manager of Spangler market and vent. 
RM: Challenges faced while growing up and how you overcame.
Purity: My name is Mrs Purity Abhulimhen. Am 30yrs old am a wife, mother of 2 and a serial Entrepreneur, founder of Spangler Market and Vent Sq. An online platform with over 100000 members buying and selling for free.
Growing up was not a fantastic one, although we all have our life challenges but most times not every one come out strong. I was not born with a silver spoon. But I had to create a diamond spoon for myself. With the assistance of very wonderful people God sent my way (Mr and Mrs Ufuoma  Amrasa). I remember  hawking okro lol. I remember sitting on the floor to receive lectures in my Jss1, I remember using cardigan to tie around my waist in a very funny manner because my uniform was torn until one side became very shot due to patching. I remember working and schooling at the same time because I saw myself through school with assistance from Mrs Kristy. And so many hard times stories. But one thing kept me, I have never wanted to be a failure. I was exposed to.reading in my early stage because I worked for a publication firm after my secondary school. So i read a lot of the motivational books. My favourite were Brian Brian Tracy’s books on business. I had so.many people who thought I.coudnt be.anything, so i had to.prove them wrong and also make my mum proud. I made sure I read like a mad woman in school and also.worked like my life depended on it, just because I didn’t want to fail. My pastor also groomed me with encouraging words (Pastor.Ameachi Uduakwu.) I Just knew I have to make it. So God,determination, persistence, hard work and  smart work kept me going.
RM: My life Philosophy.
Purity: I have always believed that every one have what they need to a meaning existence. All you need to succeed is in you. Never depend on any man to help you no.matter who that person is to you. Not even your father. Believe in God completely and watch how you will succeed.
RM: Who is your role model?
Purity: Every leading successful women who.worked hard and smart to be where they are today are. Been a woman is hard in our society. Every think women should be those almost invisible entity whose jobs are determined by the other sex. So if u see a successful woman, just know that she has sacrificed her a lot to be where she is now. So they are my role model.
That is the major reason I created the online market to help women especially make money even in the comfort of their homes. For those who.cant afford shop rent or whose husbands don’t allow them work and those who can’t pay for media visibility. And am glad to say that thousands of lives are changing daily through the platform.
RM: Involvement in charity/ youth empowerment.
Purity: Yes  I do. In the activities calender of spangler market we have our charity and back to school.campaign.  we also have the spangler market educational scholarship contest for children this is to.enable parent of the winners pay their child’s school fees with ease. I have scholarship for some children in the market.
I.alo create avenue for youth empowerment through voluntary skills acquisition training named ” The Classroom” we have thought different skills in THE CLASS ROOM. Online and those benefactor have started their own mini business.
RM: Word for the Young ones.
Purity: Get involve with tech. There Is so much going on in social media than just gossip. You can achieve financial independence and academic excellence just set your priorities right. Invest your time wisely. As you hold your phones make sure you are making money, creating things, explore, quite smoking hard substances. Trust God completely and make sure you are in Spangler market and making money.
RM: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years.
Purity: I see myself as the Jack Ma of Africa. I see my self having the world in my pocket.
RM: Worse moment/best moment
Purity: I don’t see worse Moment because they are what made my best moment. Best moment where when I had my kids. And also creating Spangler Market.
I remember when a client wedding cake fell down on the way to deliver it. 🤣 i thought that would be the end of my life because I spent days making the cake to even think the client paid so well. But well my life didn’t end
RM: Passion and Driving force
Purity: My passion has always been to make so much money so as to help less privileged. Every day I see and hear sad stories, they just push me more and sleep less. My driving force is God.
RM: You can take some time to sale, what you do.
Purity: Spangler market and vent sq is an online social media platform on Facebook, Instagram and an app. The purpose for business is sales and visibility, getting these 2 things can be so difficult and expensive. But with spangler market and vent Square you get to sell to thousands of active members, all you need is a smart phone and data. No more shop rent problems and visibility problem. You can even start business without capital through DROPSHIPING. The world must hear of us and be in the market. Spangler organized the first ever online trade fare and it was a huge success and was applauded by people all over the world.
Click on the link below to visit the official fan page of Spangler and more pictures of Mrs Purity.