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This week on Role model initiative personality watch, we present to you, our role model of the Week, an academic scholar, an achiever, a philanthropist, man of the people; Dr Moses Member Mark Ekpa (JP., Ph. D.), the deputy Provost of Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku, Rivers State.
Dr Moses Member Mark Ekpa JP. (M.M.M as he is fondly called by his closed friends and colleagues), Is one of the few whom over the years have proven that once you work hard and stay focused, hardship has nothing on you. Dr  Ekpa is an indigene of Oruma, Engeni Clan, in Ahoada West Local Government Area, Rivers state. Born on the 28th of April 1969, Married to Mrs. Modupe Anita Moses, He is a proud father of six lovely kids.
Dr. Ekpa went to state school Akinma between 1973-1979 where he got his first school leaving certificate in 1979, then proceeded to Joinkrama Grammar School, Joinkrama where he obtained his West African School certificate (WASC). He began his quest for higher education from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt, where he obtained his bachelors’ degree B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics in 1992. He continued and obtained his Masters degree, M.Sc. in Applied Geophysics in 1997, from the same institution. After a few years of active service, he went back to school to pursue his Doctorate Degree (Ph. D.)  in Solid Earth Geophysics, which he obtained in 2017, from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
He started his working career in Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku in  March, 1995, where he was first employed as a junior Lecturer. From where he rose to  the rank of a chief lecturer a position in colleges of education/polytechnics that is equivalent to (Associate Prof/Prof) using the NUC tertiary institution (university) ranking. Although started from a very humble beginning, his hard work has earned him a regular seat at the table starting from becoming a two time director Continuing education unit, from 2009 -2013 and 2015 -2017, to becoming the head of department (Physics), from 2005-2009, he has also led the college of education academic staff union (Federal College of education (Technical), Omoku Chapter). He was the dean of students affairs between 2013 -2015. He has worked as both member and head of several committees within the college community. He is currently the chairman of the committee on quality assurance and also the Newly appointed Deputy Provost of the institution.
He is a member of the following professional bodies; Nigerian Institute of Physics, Nigerian Institute of Training and Development, Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology, and finally a member of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). His selfless service to Humanity and community services earned him awards and placed him in a position to serve his people in various capacities such as the Youth President, church boards and sub-committees, above all a Justice of the Peace honorary bestowment from the Rivers State Government.
He is a renowned researcher, with over 25 years of practical and consistent experiences. With so many publications and books written and published by him, you would agree with me that he is an all round scholar. His research area of interest is “Solid Earth Geophysics”. Read our one on one interactive session with this great icon;
RM: Challenges faced while growing up and how you overcame??
Dr. Ekpa: Generally I grew up in the rural areas of Rivers state, both parents are teachers and this made us grow up with diverse challenges, starting from the basic needs of life to the luxuries. Growing up in my vicinity made me hunger for greatness and this great fear has kept me growing in all areas of life, ensuring that my kids get the best.
RM:  What is your life Philosophy?
Dr. Ekpa: To get the best at any point in time no matter the situation. This is why I often tell my colleagues and followers not to settle for the less. And I always believe we are all meant to compliment one another, hence teamwork makes the dream work.
RM:  Who is your role model?
Dr. Ekpa: I didn’t pick any role model growing up, i just had this deep burden of wanting to be great and that alone, kept me hungry for more. So i can say categorically that the hunger and quest for greatness was and is still my role model.
RM: Involvement in charity/youth empowerment (if any)
Dr. Ekpa: I have been involved in a lot of activities, first through the community as a youth leader, and as the director for continuing education, I and my team initiated a skill accusing program that allowed us train people in various skills such as catering, machining (Fabrication), welding and electrical installations. At the end of the program the students were able to learn and became entrepreneur and so far have been doing fine on there own. During my regime as the youth leader of my community, we were able to enter into an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a lot of multinationals on infrastructural development and youth empowerment, with both local and foreign scholarships for our indigenes in both secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
RM: Word for the young ones?
Dr. Ekpa: I would encourage them never to give up, because over the years I have learned that when the going gets tough, that’s when they will matter most, and when that time comes they must matter, so they should keep pushing. They should always go for the best, avoid cutting corners, and don’t let anyone tell you to dream little always have a dream that scares you.
RM: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years
Dr Ekpa: We are hoping for the best, I can’t really say at this point, but all I know for sure is that my tomorrow will be greater than today. And as long as we keep putting in works and prayers, greatness is sure.
RM: Worst moment/Best moment (if any )
Dr. Ekpa: Best Moments: when I got the news of my appointment as the deputy provost of my institution. I was very happy and it made me have a sense of greatness and I felt like I am a step closer to greatness.
Worst Moments: when I got the news of my mum’s demise, it felt like my world was crumbling down on me.
RM: Passion and Driving force:
Dr Ekpa: Determination to succeed and impact lives, change the narratives, elevate people out of poverty.
RM:  You can take some time to sell what you do ( advert )???
Dr Ekpa: My main job is to develop, and mould people to become better than they already are in the society. We teach them how to uphold their moral standing, and integrity to ensure we leave a better world for our children, and others. My institution focuses on training teachers and graduating better qualified teachers, that will in turn imbibe the kind of moral values that our society needs to our kids. As the Head of admission I wish to seize this opportunity to tell the general public that we are currently admitting students into our NCE, and degree programs, we have a fully working relationship (Affiliation) with the University of Nigeria Nsukka, hence our degree students even though trained by our well equipped and qualified staffs go home with a University of Nigeria degree, this type of affiliation in the western world is referred to as 3 +0 degree program. And we are almost rounding up negotiations with the University of Uyo and the Nigerian University Commission, to also have the same affiliation with them. We have about five schools/Faculties currently, check the school website for admission requirements, I will also drop our flyer with AR/RM so they can post it here. So come and let us mode you into a better version of yourself.
RM: How can we get into your profession and be successful like you, what is the first thing we need to learn??
Dr. Ekpa: I can tell you categorically that unlike other professions, mine does not have a home starter pack, you must first get the basic qualifications first before you can get started. So my advice is simple, get yourself well educated, explore professional body possibility, keep your heads up and above all always pray and seek the face of our Lord Jesus Christ. I guarantee you that the sky will be your stepping stones.
RM: Thank you sir, for your time, i pray God’s grace be with always!!!!
Dr. Ekpa: Thank you too for making out time to come see us. Godbless you too, your doing a great job keep it up!!!
See more photos of the Deputy provost below!!!

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