Rivers APC Aspirants Protest, demand Inclusion in Ballots

Security agencies have dispersed the protesting APC supporters and their aspirants.

The security agencies fired gunshots in the air before releasing tear gas to disperse the crowd of protesters.

This happened just after the INEC Residential Electoral Commissioner (REC), Obong Effanga addressed the crowd and left the scene.

Obong Effanga was prevented from entering into the INEC office and he later assured the protesters that their demands would be communicated to the national body of the Commission.

“As you know, its the commission that takes the decision, not the Residential Electoral Commissioner, so I will pass the message to the commission and whatever action they will take, it would do that”.

“Just like you said, INEC is not the creator of the law and INEC is bound by what the law says, and what the law says includes what the court say, So the commission will be informed of this event here this morning.” – Effanga said.

Earlier, APC’s national and state assembly aspirants in Rivers State embarked on a protest this morning to press INEC to relist the APC on the ballot papers for the general elections.

The protest is been carried out by APC legislative aspirants who took part in the indirect primaries conducted by the Tonye Cole led faction of the APC.

The protest started at 8am from G.R.A Junction to INEC’S office on Aba Road in Port – Harcourt.

APC Chieftain Orji Ngofa spoke on behalf of the APC aspirants, he said there will be no election if the APC is not allowed to vote in the election.

He accused APC of been biased and choosing what court order to obey and the ones not to Obey.

“All that supreme court has ruled on application, they are interlocutory matters they do not bother on the substance of appeal, that is why supreme court told us to go back to appeal. 

We are back to appeal court that have stayed execution on the high court matter”

INEC is collaborating with PDP in Rivers State to stop  APC from contesting in the elections It will not happen.

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