House of Rep Member Rejects SUV Car gift from Rivers State Government.

Hon. Chisom Dik

The case of Oyigbo in Rivers State is not different from the case of Niger Delta in Nigeria. Oyigbo LGA contributes at least 10-15% or more of Rivers State revenue but little or no attention is been given to the LGA by the state government.

The National Assembly members did not beg Wike for SUVs and if he had asked some of them like Rep Chisom Promise Dike to chose between the construction of road from Oyigbo urban to Obete and a gift of an SUV, I believe he will chose the road.

Wike has turned the entire Obio Akpor and PHC LGA into a construction site that some of them are not as important to those residing there as the Oyigbo roads are to Oyigbo people.

Works are on going in various LGA that are not even as economically important to the state and federal government as Oyigbo LGA is and yet he has spare change to buy the NASS members SUV showing that it’s not lack of funds that is hindering the construction of Oyigbo road but just wickedness from our Rivers State government and brothers from the days of Okilo, Dr Peter Odili to Amaechi and now Wike.

They will only know how serious we are when the entire LGA from youths, women, elders, chiefs and pastors in Oyigbo wake up and shut down every company from PHCN to other multi nationals.
Just few days of little struggle with the electricity distribution company every body has felt the impact and I wonder what will happen when all company activities in Oyigbo is shut down completely.

Finance is no longer the case here but sheer wickedness.


Adoption Ugochukwu
(President General Dike’s Associates).


One thought on “House of Rep Member Rejects SUV Car gift from Rivers State Government.

  • August 26, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    This commendable, coming from a youth makes it more appreciated.

    Thank you Rep Chisom Dike, though not surprised as I know you have always been people oriented.


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