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Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development (CEPASD) in partnership with More Global Foundation (MGF) sets to host the 1st most engaging Nigerian Youth Summit in Abuja.

CEPASD and MGF – a youth focused not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation – will be hosting this summit on Thursday, 29th August, 2019 in commemoration with International Youth Day at Education Resource Centre, Wuse Zone 7, Abuja.

The organisation, which is reputable for championing projects aimed at promoting Peace, Civic Engagement and Active Participation in Governance and Leadership, and Environmental Issues, Youth Entrepreneurship, Education and Empowerment, Community Development Services, is set to convene actors from different walks of life to discuss a topic of national interest.

Nigerian Youth Summit springs from the conventional practise of the United Nations to celebrate the relentlessness of well-meaning youth in the struggle for a better world. Thus, marking out August 12 as the International Youth Day. It is important to note that while this day brings youth around the world together, it is targeted at ensuring that they reflect on the challenges posing threats to their respective countries and continents which, if done on the large scale, would translate into a safer world, as all hands would be on deck.

It goes without saying that developed nations around the world have continued to empower and liberate their people, particularly the younger generation, by investing massively in quality and sustainable education and skills acquisition.

Against this backdrop, this year’s International Youth Day summit, which is themed ‘Transforming Education; Youth Engagement in Peace Building Through Education; A pathway to National Development.

The Goal of the summit is to build a framework and advocacy network of young to drive for increase budgetary allocation of 20% for education and as well identify problems facing education system in Nigeria and proffer pragmatic solutions to the challenges
About 500 Youths, govenment ministries, agencies, CSO’s and NGO’s across the 36 states of Nigeria will be participating in this Epoch making in event in Abuja.
Groups, officials, and panelists will be be saddled with the responsibility of finding lasting solutions to many of the problems that bedevil the educational sector, while sharing their thought-provoking answers with participants. It is after these thought processes that actionable solutions would be documented and submitted to appropriate quarters for implementation.

The convener of the summit and founder/Executive director of CEPASD, Igweshi Augustine have emphazied the need for government to increase budgetary allocation of 20% to education from about 7.05% to enable quality education to be achieved in Nigeria by 2030 in line with sustainable development goals agenda.

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