Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 Thursday Briefing Highlights:

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu
  • The president of the Federal republic of Nigeria has given a green-light for the resumption of International flights Nationwide.
  • The PTF has advised the operating banks to limit the number of customers inside the banking halls, within operating areas by 50% occupancy, in order to give room for proper social distancing. The management was also asked to limit their workers to about 75% or less but banking operations should still go on as usual.
  • They also extended working hours for Federal government civil servants and other co-operate offices to the normal official hours with effects from Monday through Friday with the mandatory use of non-medical face masks.
  • They also encouraged working from home for both civil and public servants below grade level 12.
  • Essential staffs of grade level 12 and above may be encouraged to return to work
  • They also assured the Nation that they will continue to work with state authorities to enforcing the wearing of Face mask for personalized services like Hair saloon, mechanic, artisans and others.
  • No major changes with regards to the market apart from the fact that both the buyers and sellers are reminded of the mandatory wearing of face mask.
  • Hotels should still continue its operations whereas restaurants are to still continue with the take away operation method.
  • Cinemas, Night clubs and Gyms are to remain closed and await further instructions, which will be based on the next evaluation.
  • The National Youth Service Corps have been advised to start making plans ahead future resumption, although not with in this current phase.
  • All primary schools and daycare centers are to remain closed until further evaluation.
  • However eligible students are allowed to go for their common entrance examination as soon as possible provided they comply with all covid-19 guidelines.
  • Secondary and Tertiary institutions still remains closed, although arrangements are been made for secondary school final year students to resume and partake in the forthcoming senior secondary certificate examinations in line with the guidelines stated by the Federal Ministry of Education.
  • No new changes/modification for worship centers, all policies remains the same.



Image credit: BBCPidgin

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