Media Personality hails Governor ‘Hope Uzodinma’, applauds his dedication towards Civil Servants welfare!!ervants

Cmr Prince Adielea

Media personality Adielea Prince also known as Pen Pusher has shown satisfaction towards Hope Uzodima’s One year in office achievements, especially his dedication towards the welfare of the state  Civil servants and his continous fight against the full eradication of dual workers, ghost workers and ghost pensioneers etc.


Nothing dilapidates Economy more than people earning salaries without doing the work (ghost workers). Or working in 2-3 different ministries or parastatals owned by the state government, thereby earning more than one salary monthly from the same source. which is as a result of human’s greedy ways. This kills economy, and shrinks human development as resources are channelled into wrong ventures.

This has become ligament in the state as no governor conserved the guts to solve this ills that has been on for over a decade, maybe the fear of there action affecting their Political allys or the fear of creating more political enemies for themselves. The issues of ghost workers or dual workers is what you and I need to help the governor fight and ensure it is completely eradicated from our system so as to allow fresh blood into the system. Knowing how powerful humans are, this fight requires patience as  rebuilding can only happen after the unwanted structures have been scattered.

Governor Hope Uzodima is doing well in this aspect, hopefully this will awaken thousands of Imo graduate seating at home doing nothing. Don’t you think that same person doing double job Maybe the witch against your success? don’t you think that same person earning double salary is the village wicked uncles and aunts that is manipulating your success in order for you not to grow. Why not help and bring them to justice.

There is no way to fight for moral decadence other than what the administration of Sen. Hope Uzodima is doing in Imo State.
So fighting against the Sen. Uzodima led adminstration in this aspect is fighting against the Man of God that has come to deliver you from the moral decays in our system, fighting against the Messiah that will eradicate joblessness in your family lives..


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