Mbaka remains my priest, Peter Obi says

Mbaka remains my priest. The presidential candidate for labour party has just made an interesting statement, after being termed “stingy” on a life broadcast.

Mbaka remains my priest
Rev. Mbaka, Peter Obi

During an interview on the voice of the people 90.3 FM on Sunday, Peter Obi was asked how he felt about being termed “stingy” by the spiritual director of adoration ministry, Father Ejike Mbaka, and the presidential candidate said ” Mbaka remains my priest”

It is surprising how the aspirant can easily forgive don’t you think?

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Recall that while father Mbaka was speaking during one of his programmes last Wednesday, he maintained that it would be impossible for Obi to become Nigeria’s president, adding that an old man president is better than a stingy young man.

Unfortunately, father Mbaka’s sermon earned him a ban at his ministry from the Enugu catholic diocese. And he was forced to apologize and bless the labour party’s presidential aspirant.

On the radio station, Obi said ” For me, father Mbaka is an ordained priest of God and as a priest, Mbaka remains my priest. I will always respect and show my allegiance to the church. Whatever he says, I will take it because he’s my father in faith, I respect him . And he is my brother.”

Since reverend Mbaka’s outburst, alot of people have been coming out to talk about Peter Obi’s ” stinginess” and how it has been benefiting families.

Apparently, Father Mbaka had asked for funding from Peter Obi, and the presidential aspirant refused as a result of not having clarification on what the money was meant for. The same “Stingy” young man had given 100 million to the Adoration ministries to help in funding the church. So it came as a shock when the reverend termed peter obi a stingy young man.



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