Killers of 8year old chikamso, sentenced to death by hanging!!!

Mr Ifeanyi Dike and his accomplice Ugochukwu Nwamiri has been sentenced to death by hanging, for the murder of 8 year old Nmezurumba Victory Chikamso by Justice Adolphus Enebeli.

Recall that in July 2017, Mr Ifeanyi Dike and his accomplice Ugochukwu Nwamiri brutally killed an 8year old girl in Eliuzo, Obio/Akpor local government area, Port Harcourt.
Justice Enebeli, while delivering the judgment on the 13th of May, said Mr Dike and Nwamiri was guilty of first degree murder and it is only right that the law must take its full cause. He also sentenced an ex police officer sergent Okoronze Johnbosco to seven years in prisonment for criminal negligence. Remember that he was the one who allowed Mr Dike escape from detention before he was rearrested in Jos, plateau state.

Ex Sergent Johnbosco, will serve an extra year to complete his sentence since he has already served for two and half years. Day of execution is yet to be fixed. FIDA applauded the judgment stating that atleast now little chikamso’s soul will find rest now that justice has been served.

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