Ikorodu Bois Receive Filming Equipments As A Gift From Netflix And KAP Film And Television Academy

Nigerian Actor, Kunle Afolayan in collaboration with the U.S. streaming platform, Netflix, has awarded the internet sensations known as “Ikorodu Bois” with laptops and other production equipments.

Mr. Afolayan awarded these gifts to them with the hopes that it should help make their future productions easier. “The only thing that can stop man, is if he does not try,” said the award winning film maker on instagram on Wdnesday August 11. He said that the youngsters are “a perfect reflection of hard work, passion and undaunted creativity…. and they were rewarded big time for their craft by both Netflix and KAP Film and Television Academy.”



In addition to their gifts from Netflix, the award-winning filmmaker also awarded the boys a scholarship at his film production company, KAP film and television Academy as well as an offer to mentor them in filmmaking. The Sanni brothers popularly known as Ikorodu Bois were very appreciative of their gifts and thanked both companies for recognizing their talent. They also thanked Mr. Afolayan for the opportunity to better their crafts, taking them under his wing as mentees and for the scholarship program.



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Netflix!!!! Thank youuuu!! @netflixfilm you guys are amazing, we’ve received the gift, we love it!… Sir @kunleafo we would love to say a very big thank you as you received us with open arms and for also giving us the opportunity to better our crafts and for also deciding to be a Mentor to us, and for the scholarship program as well, we want you to know how much we appreciate this sir, you are a father and we your kids and we are ready for the father-children tutelage from you sir. We look forward to having you as a source of pillar and uplifting hand in our endeavor and growth. We also want to say thank you to the entire staff of @kapfilmandtelevisionacademy for also their kind hearted gesture in welcoming us… Clothes by @shaviyclothing

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The boys also shared a video on Twitter with the caption, “Guyssss!! @NetflixFilm sent us this presents omg! thank you guys @NetflixFilm”.



The ‘Ikorodu Bois’ make skits/mimick films of two or more scenes from a music video or movie with their smartphones and other materials they can get their hands on; and work with scenaries they can easily access. They are creative indeed. If you have not seen or heard of them, you can check them out on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter and you would be glad you did.

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