I Have Fucked Up – 2baba begs Annie

Ace Nigeria Musician 2face Idibia A.K.A 2baba has taken to twitter to apologize to his wife of 7 years.

The superstar singer said he has fucked up so much as a father, husband and even a role model but failed to disclose the real reason he was apologizing.

2baba praised his wife, acknowledging that she did her best, but he just fucked up. As earlier stated, We don’t know why he apologized yet but judging from the surface, it appears to be a breakdown in moral composure or it could just be one of these celebrity stunts.

2baba twitted:

“I’m sorry to say that I have fucked up so much. I have fucked up as a role model as a father and as a husband. annie I’m sorry. I know u tried your best,”

Now you’ve seen the tweet yourself, tell us what you think ?, Use the comment session below.
Otherwise, Girls, If you were Annie, would you forgive 2baba ?
Guys, if you were 2baba would you apologize to annie ?

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